Wondering If Your Houston Roof Suffered Wind Damage?

Although we are just about done with Houston’s hurricane season, we’ve had plenty of gusty winds and storms within the last few months. At a time like this, it is imperative that you get a seasonal Houston roof inspection by our roofing company to assess how much wind damage your roof has undergone and if a roof replacement or some roof repairs are in order. In this article, we will discuss some signs that your roof is exhibiting roof damage and needs our attention.

Signs Your Roof Has Sustained Wind Damage

Even though there are several ways in which wind can damage your roofing, here are some of the most common types of damage to look for that require our expert attention.

Curling Roof Shingles

Curling shingles are usually the most obvious sign of wind damage. Unfortunately, it’s also an easy sign to miss because it’s hard to see without a professional roof inspection. If left unaddressed, curling roof shingles will fly off and tear other roof shingles off right along with them. That’s why it’s important to call our Houston roof experts as soon as possible to determine the extent of storm damage, as curling shingles may rip off completely and leave bald spots, leading to the potential need for a premature Houston roof replacement. 

Asphalt Granules in Your Gutter

Wind damage can weaken older roof shingles that have already been damaged by hail. Because the weather can deteriorate roof shingles over time, wind damage may also result in weak spots on your shingles caused by missing granules. When these granules break down, they’ll end up sliding off your roof and into your gutter, signaling storm damage and the need for an inspection from your Houston roof experts. These granules may not look like much, but they are the first line of defense against the elements. Once your shingle granules are gone, the underlying asphalt will be more prone to damage. If you catch it early, you may be able to avoid a premature Houston roof replacement.

Damaged Chimney Flashing 

Chimney flashing prevents water from entering your home by closing the space between the roof and chimney. You may be able to tell if your roof has sustained wind damage by checking this component. If your roof hasn’t been repaired in a while, wind can break the seal between the flashing and the chimney, causing it to shift and move out of place and allowing space for water to enter your home.

Address Houston Roof Wind Damage ASAP With A Free Roof Inspection By Amstill Roofing

As with any type of roof damage, the longer it’s left unaddressed, the worse it becomes. Curling shingles, missing asphalt granules, and damaged chimney flashing open your roof up to the possibility of moisture damage and roof leaks. If you think your roof may have suffered wind damage over the months, please contact our Houston roof experts so we can inspect it and determine if your home needs roof repairs or roof replacement. We look forward to reinforcing your roofing!

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