Which Is More Cost-Effective? Houston Roof Repair or Houston Roof Replacement?

Roofs are an important part of any home, keeping you safe from rain, heat, wind, and harsh temperatures. Without a structurally sound roof, the rest of your home is prone to deterioration. Roofs aren’t made to last forever and require regular maintenance to maintain their function. As a homeowner, you can opt for two main services: a Houston roof repair or a replacement. 

Roof Repair

A Houston roof repair involves working on an isolated part of your roof instead of tearing down the entire roof. It could be in the form of a few broken shingles that need to be patched up. You may also have a bent flashing that needs to be straightened out. The list goes on of what you can hire your Houston roofer to do.

Roof Replacement

A Houston roof replacement is a bigger project that needs more careful planning. Instead of working on a small portion of your roof, Houston roof experts replace the entire area. The process involves the roofer stripping off your old roof before installing a new one. So is a roof repair or a roof replacement more cost-effective?

Roof Repair V.S. Roof Replacement

The short answer is that it depends on a few things whether or not you’re getting a bang for your buck. Here are some factors to consider:

Extent of the Damage

A Houston roof repair is enough for minor to moderate damage. So in a sense, it is cheaper since it involves less time and work. But keep in mind that for more extensive Houston roof damage, it would be a wiser investment to have a roof replacement. Issues such as mold growth, pest infestations, insulation problems, and severe leaks will just keep coming back if you don’t get a new roof.

Age of Your Roof

If you have a new roof that’s less than 5 years old, a Houston roof repair may be the better option since the materials are usually still fresh and repairable. But if your roof is over 10 years old, your roofer will suggest a replacement. Older roofs are more prone to rotting, which a simple repair won’t be able to fix.

Frequency of Issues

Does your roofing problem keep coming back even if you’ve just had it repaired? This could be a sign of damage hiding beneath the shingles. In such cases, a roof replacement may be more cost-effective so you can address the root cause of your roofing issue.

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