When To Get Meadows Place Roof Replacement Instead of Repair

Every roof sustains damage at some point, and if you’re noticing that age or severe weather have affected your roof’s appearance or ability to protect your home, you may be wondering if it’s time for a Meadows Place roof replacement or if roof repairs are sufficient. The first step in finding the answers you need is by contacting a trusted Houston roof replacement company that specializes in Meadows Place roof replacement. Our Houston roof experts can assess the condition of your roof and provide you with the expertise you need to determine what’s best for your home.

Extent of Damage

If your Meadows Place roofing was damaged before this year’s wild weather, you may need to call on our Meadows Place roof replacement company to inspect your property and assess your roof damage. They can help you determine if you can get by on roof repairs alone or if a full roof replacement is best for you. If they find leaks, mold, rotting framing, wet insulation, or buckling and sagging, then you may be facing damage too extensive for simple roof repairs and should plan for a Houston roof replacement instead.

Age of Roof

If your roof is more than 10 years old, a Meadows Place roof replacement may be a better investment in the long run, as an older roof will likely need frequent repairs as it continues to wear down, and these repairs can add up over time. Furthermore, if you’ve repaired the same part of your roof more than once, it may no longer possess the structural integrity needed to protect your home, leading to further, more costly issues down the road. 

Cost of Houston Roof Replacement

 A Meadows Place roof replacement typically costs between $5,000-18,000. But even if this seems a bit outside your budget, consider that sometimes your homeowners insurance policy may cover some or all of the cost. Also, a new roof adds value to your home’s equity and is especially beneficial if you intend to sell your home within the next few years. Calling our Meadows Place roof replacement company to schedule an inspection is recommended so that our Houston roof experts can assess the extent of damage and determine how to fit the cost of a roof replacement into your budget.

Advantages of Meadow Place Roof Replacement Over Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can extend the life of your roof and cost less than a full replacement, but it’s not always as simple an option as many believe it to be. Sometimes matching the exact shade of your shingles can be a difficult process, even if you have a few left over from when the roof was installed, as sunlight has likely faded your shingles to a lighter shade than when they were installed. Patching damaged shingles, therefore, is best performed on obscured or inconspicuous sections of your Houston roofing. 

When the damage to your roof cannot be corrected with Houston roof repair alone, a full Meadows Place roof replacement is your best option. This is especially true if you’re experiencing multiple leaks, sagging, or buckling of the roof’s structure, or if your Houston roof repair company found too much damage to repair. It’s also important to consider our disaster-prone geographical location, and how newer, more durable materials will offer better protection against the elements. So if you find yourself deciding between Meadows Place roof repairs or a Meadows Place roof replacement and the difference in cost is a few thousand dollars, you may be saving yourself more money in the long run. 

Our Houston Roof Experts Want to be Your Meadows Place Roof Replacement Company

With over 40 years of experience, we are the Houston roof replacement company you can trust. If you know you’ve sustained significant roof damage, your next step is to call our Houston roof experts and schedule a free inspection. We’ll assess the extent of your roof damage and determine if roof repairs or a full Meadows Place roof replacement is the right path to take. With this busy holiday season upon us, you don’t want to waste another day with unaddressed roof issues, so protect your home and your family by calling Amstill today! 

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