When to Get a Pecan Grove Roof Replacement

It can be difficult for many homeowners to know when it’s time for a new roof. While it may look fine from the ground, it’s hard to assess its true condition from that vantage point. Even if you were to climb on top of your Pecan Grove roofing and try to identify signs of roof damage, it’s easy to miss certain issues without proper training and experience in identifying them. Given our susceptibility to the type of weather known to cause detrimental Pecan Grove roof damage, our Houston roof experts recommend scheduling a professional roof inspection every six months in order to identify the need for Pecan Grove roof replacement or repairs. But there are some ways to tell if new Pecan Grove roofing is in your future, which we’ll discuss in this article.

Signs It’s Time for a Pecan Grove Roof Replacement

If you notice any of the following problems with your Pecan Grove roofing, you should prepare for a Pecan Grove roof replacement as soon as possible in order to ensure your home is properly protected and you aren’t at risk for further damage or even interior damage: 

Buckling, Cracked, or Missing Shingles 

Shingles are designed to lie flat against your roof, so if you notice they’re curling at the edges, they’ve likely been irreparably damaged by heat, wind, or heavy rains. This warrants a call to our professional Houston roofer immediately, who can assess the extent of the damage and determine if you need a Pecan Grove roof replacement.

A Sagging Roof 

Sagging is a sign that the structural integrity of your roof is no longer intact, as sagging is typically caused by rotted boards and supports exposed to moisture in your attic. This can be significantly problematic during hurricane season or extreme weather, so we recommend a Pecan Grove roof replacement for most homeowners experiencing roof sagging.


Ignored leaks are known to cause extensive water damage, and one visible leak often means there could be even more hidden leaks causing unnoticed, but serious water damage behind your walls. If you discover frequent or multiple leaks, that means it’s time to call our trusted Houston roof experts to discuss your Pecan Grove roof replacement options.

Moss Growth 

Moss develops on your roof’s surface due to moisture being trapped against its surface. Sometimes, moss growth can be effectively removed by carefully cleaning shingles with a special solution, but often its existence signals the need for a Pecan Grove roof replacement.

Other Reasons To Install New Pecan Grove Roofing

It Hasn’t Been Replaced in 10 Years or More 

Even though many roofs come with a 15-20 year warranty, a decade or more of wear and tear and storm damage take a toll on your Pecan Grove roofing and often warrants the need for a Pecan Grove roof replacement sooner than many homeowners expect. Since homes in the same neighborhood were likely built around the same time, keep an eye on what your neighbors are doing, as their roofs have also experienced the same weather patterns from hurricane season, Texas heat, and storm damage. If they’re investing in Pecan Grove roof replacements, this is a sign that you should as well.

An Old and Worn Appearance

An old and dingy roof can be quite an eyesore, which lowers your property value. If you want to boost your curb appeal, consider the impact new Pecan Grove roofing could have on your home’s appearance. 

You Plan to Sell Your Home

A Pecan Grove roof replacement is a powerful selling point for your home, making it stand out compared to other nearby listings. This is especially important in a competitive real estate market like ours. 

Get a Quality Pecan Grove Roof Replacement with Our Houston Roofers

Choosing to invest in a Pecan Grove roof replacement is an important decision, and you want to make sure the job is done right. Our Houston roof experts would be honored to serve you, and with 47 years of experience and countless satisfied customers, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our work. If you’re ready to discuss your Pecan Grove roof replacement options, call us today and schedule a free inspection with one of our skilled professionals.

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