What to Expect With Meadows Place Roof Replacement

Keeping your roof in top shape all year round can be hard, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather changes. Sometimes, the damage is more serious and repairs just won’t cut it. Getting a Meadows Place roof replacement ensures that your roof is fully functional and your family is protected. Is it your first time getting a new roof? To put your mind at ease, Amstill Roofing keeps it simple and direct to the point. Here’s what you can expect from the process.

Preparing Your Home

Amstill Roofing cares about your home and belongings, so we take extra precautions before even starting the Meadows Place roof replacement process. Roof removal involves a lot of debris, so we put special attention on your safety. We have special materials to cover your attic, windows, and landscaping. For your part, we suggest that you clear out your yard and vehicles in the driveway. Make sure your children and your pets are inside the house or in a secure place while our Houston roof experts are at work.

Installing Your New Roof

During the tear down process, we remove existing materials that cannot be saved. These include rotting wood, broken shingles, and other unsalvageable roofing components. We will replace them with a new roof decking to serve as a solid nailing base. Amstill Roofing only uses the best materials from renowned manufacturers. We install DaVinci Engineered Shingles, which were designed to last longer than other brands while boosting your curb appeal. Rest assured that when you get a Meadows Place roof replacement from us, your roof’s lifespan will be prolonged.

Finishing the Installation

Some roofers leave after they’ve installed your new roof—we are not like that. We won’t leave you with a mess to clean. Once your new roof has been completed, our Meadows Place roofer will clear out all post-construction debris. We also remove any debris from your gutters so you have a fully functioning drainage system. We take pride in our efficient clean up system to relieve you of any stress. Lastly, we roll out our industrial magnetic sweepers to make sure no nail is left behind.

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Got more questions about our Meadows Place roof replacement process near me? Feel free to give us a call. Amstill Roofing has proudly been serving Texas since 1974, with a stellar roofing track record under our belt. We operate with time-tested perfection. Our thousands of clients every year can attest to our level of workmanship. Guided by honor, integrity, and strength, we provide solutions to your Meadows Place roof damage. In need of a new roof? Schedule a free inspection with us today to get started!

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