What to Expect With a Pecan Grove Roof Replacement

When preparing for your Pecan Grove roof replacement it is important to be armed with all the information available so you can know exactly what to expect. And if you haven’t yet chosen a professional Houston roofing company for your Pecan Grove roof replacement, you’ll want to do so based upon a roofe’s reputation, skill, and customer satisfaction. Since every company handles the roof replacement process differently, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. But Amstill prides itself on taking steps that other companies skip, dividing our Pecan Grove roof replacement into three major steps: home protection, roof installation, and post installation. Keep reading to gain a better understanding of these steps.

Step 1: Schedule a Pecan Grove Roof Inspection

The first step of the Houston roof replacement process is to call our Houston roof experts and get a free roof inspection to determine your specific needs. Sometimes our roofers will make recommendations regarding material choices like shingles or adjust the scope of work based upon observations that are unique to your property or tastes. We want to provide a thorough inspection before determining the next best steps for you. 

If we determine that Pecan Grove roof replacement is the right move, then we’ll discuss how to proceed. Some customers may choose to file claims with their homeowners insurance company to cover all or part of the replacement costs, while others choose to explore our roof replacement financing options. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Property For Pecan Grove Roof Replacement

We use our Amstill Homeshield to prevent the mess of your Pecan Grove roof replacement from damaging your home, yard, or landscaping. This tarp barrier more efficiently collects project waste like old shingles, nails, and product packaging. This protects your landscaping, siding, and windows from roof replacement waste and streamlines the clean-up process. 

Step 3: Remove Old Roofing

After we remove your roof’s existing shingles, we want to ensure there is a solid foundation to place the new ones, so we’ll check the condition of the decking below. In order to ensure a flawless installation of the new shingles you’ve selected, we need to verify that your home has a solid nail base system so that the remaining steps of the Houston roof replacement process go as planned and that your shingles can be installed without incident.

Step 4: Protect Pecan Grove Roof Decking

Once your old shingles have been removed, we need to take steps to protect your roof decking from water damage and facilitate proper precipitation run-off. In order to do so, we’ll secure the edges of your roofing with waterproof protection, followed by the rest of your roof decking. 

Step 5: Reflashing And Sealing

One of the most essential functions of your Pecan Grove roofing is to protect the interior of your home from water infiltration, so our next step is to install new flashing around chimneys and skylights. Then, any vents will be resealed to prevent leaks.

Step 6: Fasten the Perimeter

The next step is to fasten the perimeter of your roofing, which provides another element of protection against inclement weather by waterproofing it. 

Step 7: New Shingle Installation

Our Houston roof experts will nail your shingles to your roof according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, which varies depending upon the materials you’ve chosen for your Pecan Grove roof replacement. This not only upholds the manufacturer’s warranties that may be included with your shingles, but also ensures an attractive final result.

Step 8: Clean Up

Our last step is to complete a final review of your new Pecan Grove roofing in order to guarantee proper installation, then begin the clean up process. We’ll blow away any debris that could have blown onto your new roof, then remove all project waste, paying close attention to roofing nails that may have been left behind in your yard or driveway.

Amstill Is Your Best Choice for a Pecan Grove Roof Installation

When you’re ready to begin your Pecan Grove roof replacement project, schedule a free inspection with our Houston roofers. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your roofing needs and show you why we’ve earned our reputation as the most trusted Houston roofing contractor in the industry.

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