What To Expect During Tomball Roof Replacement

In Houston, Texas, roofs tend to last an average of 15-20 years, give or take. At the end of the day, what type of roof shingles are installed on your roof will directly impact how long your roof will last before it is time for a Houston roof replacement. In this roofing article, we will discuss the steps Amstill Roofing, Houston’s #1 roofing company, follows when completing a Tomball roof replacement. 

Step 1: Begin With A Free Tomball Roof Inspection

When homeowners start considering getting a Tomball roof replacement, we recommend beginning with a roof inspection to determine the extent of the damage. This not only helps us and our customers get an idea of the cost, but it will also help us confirm that a replacement is, in fact, necessary for the good of your roof.

When we conduct our inspection, we will walk along your roof and make note of any signs of roof damage that we see.

Step 2: Insurance Adjuster Roof Inspection

Once we complete our roof inspection, it’s time to get you in contact with your homeowner’s insurance so you can file a roof damage insurance claim. Once the claim is filed, they will send out an insurance adjuster to do their own inspection, so we suggest scheduling the adjuster when we can also go, as this way we can walk alongside them and ensure they don’t try to give you less coverage than you deserve.

Step 3: Beginning Your Tomball Roof Replacement

When we’re ready to begin with your roof replacement, we’ll first cover the surrounding area with plywood and/or tarp to avoid making your property messy and then continue with the following:

Step 4: Strip Your Old Tomball Roofing

In order to replace your roof, the old material has to go so we can start with a fresh surface. We will strip your roofing down to the deck, waterproof it, and lay a new layer of 30-pound felt over it.

Step 5: Install Brand New Roof Shingles

Next, we will install your brand new roofing shingles. We install 3 different types and this article explains how long each type lasts. We will install them according to manufacturer guidelines and enhanced high-profile shingles on top of ridges for aesthetic protection.

Step 6: Get Your Tomball Roof Up To Code

While we install your brand new roof shingles, we will also check on your vents and chimney flashing to ensure your roof was built to code. If there are components that violate Houston’s requirements, we will quickly fix them.

One-Day Tomball Roof Replacement By Amstill Roofing

Our roofing company has over 40 years of experience, and that extensive experience means we can finish over 95% of our roof replacements within a single day. If you believe it might be time for a roof replacement, please contact us so we can schedule an inspection. 

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