What Does August Heat Mean for Your Houston Roof?

The dog days of summer have arrived and we haven’t seen much relief from the heat, nor do we expect as much for another few months. Given that this season’s temperatures have broken a number of records for the Houston area, you may be wondering if this heat can contribute to the type of Houston roof damage that warrants a Houston roof replacement. Our team of skilled Houston roof experts have assembled the information below in order to help you identify and address potential heat-related roof damage. 

Ways Summer Heat Can Damage Your Houston Roofing

Summer heat can be a hazard to all parts of your roof, but your shingles suffer the most damage when exposed to prolonged high temperatures and sun exposure. We believe your best defense against the elements is to address issues immediately with a Houston roofing company known to inform with transparency and operate with integrity. Look for these signs of Houston heat roof damage and call our Houston roof experts to schedule a free professional roof inspection as soon as possible should you spot them:

Brittle Shingles

Your Houston roof shingles contain an oil that is designed to help them last longer in the harsh sun and keep them strong enough to protect your home from extreme weather conditions. These oils dry out over time, however, resulting in brittle shingles that crack easily. The older your roof, the more brittle your shingles, especially after long term exposure to the severe heat we’ve experienced this summer. 

Cracked Shingles

Once your Houston roofing shingles become too brittle, they are much less able to perform as intended. Brittle shingles will crack and break in strong winds or upon impact from loose debris or falling branches. The same type of Houston roof damage is possible when hailstones make contact with brittle shingles. Our rain and thunderstorm chances have increased across the Houston region and many areas have seen significant weather events that can cause the type of Houston roof damage described above, so don’t put off necessary roof maintenance before it’s too late. Our Houston roof experts can perform a professional roof inspection and assess the condition of your Houston roofing in this August heat.

Protect your Home with a Houston Roof Replacement this Summer 

Your Houston roofing won’t last as long as roofs in other climates, so if it’s been more than 10 years since your current roof was installed, it might be time to consider a Houston roof replacement before we move into the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. These August temperatures will only accelerate your heat roof damage, so postponing this needed update could be devastating for you and your home. Amstill offers a variety of materials, including asphalt and laminate shingles. For those desiring superior protection, we also carry DaVinci roof tiles, which will ensure your Houston roof replacement stands the test of time. These engineered roof tiles can withstand the most severe weather conditions thanks to their unique composite construction designed to protect against the elements.

Amstill Has Your Heat-Related Houston Roofing Issues Covered 

Since 1974, Amstill has been providing security and protection for Houstonians in need of roof repairs and replacements. Our business has been successful thanks to the time honored perfection of our quality results. If you’re ready to give your home the protection it deserves by investing in a Houston roof replacement, call our Houston roof experts today. We’ll come out to your home to assess your roof damage and provide an estimate, as well as answer any questions you may have about the process. We’re here to help you feel safe and secure this summer!

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