Watch Out for Houston Roof Replacement Scams

As severe weather conditions arise, so does the need for roof repairs. Scammers take this opportunity to offer Houston roof replacement deals that will break your bank account without actually fixing your roof. An unfortunate aspect of roofing scams is that those who are already down on their luck are the ones targeted. Scammers often approach homeowners they know are on a budget and willing to jump on a “too good to be true” deal. The most common type of roofing scams are storm chasers.

Don’t Fall for Storm Chasers

Just as the name suggests, these types of scammers follow bad weather. They often go around the country, looking for areas affected by hurricanes, thus unsuspecting homeowners. They take advantage of your vulnerability during this crisis by offering quick fixes for your Houston roof damage. Oftentimes, homeowners who need a Houston roof replacement need it immediately. This is when the storm chasers come knocking on your door for the sole purpose of providing fraudulent roofing services.

Spotting a Scammer

Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to spot a scammer, as they have more sophisticated methods. However, there are a few obvious signs you can watch out for. Consider these red flags when talking to a roofer:

  • Offers for huge discounts – Some scammers secure a deal by offering lower rates for a Houston Roof Replacement. They entice clients with “special storm deals” or even rebates. Do your research when someone offers you discounted rates, as they could just be a scamming tactic.
  • Asks for full payment upfront –  Some roofers insist on receiving payment upfront or a large down payment. Be wary of this, as they can disappear even before they start on a job. A legitimate roofing company will not ask for full payment before the job is done. 
  • Skips the inspection – Consider it a red flag when the contractor tells you what repairs need to be done even before they conduct an inspection. An honest roofer will do a thorough inspection before providing a quote for Houston roof repair services.
  • Exaggerates the damage – A scammer will overstate and lie about your Houston roof damage in the hopes of overbilling you. In some cases, they might give you a vague description of the damage. Not providing concrete details should get your attention and make you more cautious.
  • Can’t show a license – The work of a licensed roofing company will be superior to that of an unlicensed one. Houston roof experts exemplify superb workmanship that is very noticeable. Consider it a bad sign when a roofer can’t provide you with his license.

Contact Amstill Roofing for Houston Roof Replacement

The best way to avoid roofing scams is to hire companies with a known track record and history of satisfied clients. Amstill Roofing is a trusted roofing company with decades of industry experience. Not only do we want you to get the best value for your money, but we also want to ensure your safety by providing superior roof repair and replacement services. Get in touch with us today for a free inspection! 

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