Watch Out for Bellaire Critter Roof Damage

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the increased presence of a number of animals and pests that are anxious to gain access to your home to nest and seek shelter from the elements. In doing so, they often use your roof as a point of entry, either through openings created by existing Bellaire roof damage or by creating one themselves. That’s why our Bellaire roofers want you to be aware of the most obvious signs of Bellaire critter roof damage and what you can do to address it.

How Critters Cause Bellaire Roof Damage

The Houston area is home to squirrels, opossums, raccoons, mice, and rats, all of which can cause your Bellaire roofing to sustain critter roof damage. These animals gain access to the interior of your home by gnawing and chewing along the surface of your roof, exposing your attic to the elements and providing an easy point of entry for them to nest and breed. Once inside, they’ll also chew through wires, insulation, floorboards, and drywall, then exponentially increase in number. The longer this continues, the more likely it becomes that you’ll need a Bellaire roof replacement. 

Signs of Bellaire Critter Roof Damage

Our Houston roofers are well-versed in the signs of Bellaire critter roof damage and have compiled the following list to help you recognize them too. If you see these issues, it means you’re probably hosting unwanted guests in your attic and should call our Houston roof experts as soon as possible. We can conduct a roof inspection to collect evidence of a possible infestation and determine if you need a Bellaire roof replacement:

  • Droppings in your attic
  • The smell of urine or feces 
  • Ripped air ducts 
  • Insulation that’s been shifted or distrubed
  • Scurrying, knocking, squeaking, or scratching sounds
  • Masses of sticks, leaves, twigs and other natural elements that serve as nests

Identifying the Need for A Bellaire Roof Replacement Due to Critter Roof Damage

You want to identify the presence of critters as soon as possible, as you need to remove them and eliminate their access point to your home. Even after doing so, though, it’s possible that they’ve already caused enough critter roof damage to warrant a Bellaire roof replacement. Should that be the case, our Houston roofers will install your new Bellaire roofing with care and expertise so there’s no place for critters to find their way back inside.

Quality Bellaire Roof Replacement with Our Houston Roof Experts

If you recognize any of the above signs of Bellaire critter roof damage, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our Houston roof experts. We can conduct a thorough inspection of your Bellaire roofing and attic and make our recommendations based on those findings. Should we determine the damage is extensive enough to warrant a Bellaire  roof replacement, you can trust us to do the job with precision and pride, ensuring your home is protected for many years. Don’t let pests damage your home! Call us today.

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