The New Year is the Perfect Time for Houston Roof Replacement

Holiday indulgence and the stress of 2021 are now a thing of the past, which means that many of us have decided to start the new year on the right foot by making resolutions to improve our health and well-being, but what about our homes? January is the perfect time to begin your Houston roof replacement and kick off the new year by adding protection and value to your property.

Recognizing When You Need a Houston Roof Replacement

Roofs have a 10-15 year lifespan, but Texas weather can drastically shorten that lifespan by causing roof damage so severe it cannot be repaired. If you’re wondering whether that’s the case for your Houston roofing, then a free inspection with our Houston roof experts is your next best step. We take our time to inspect your roof thoroughly to determine the presence and severity of any roof damage and help you determine if you need a Houston roof replacement. Sometimes our Houston roofers don’t discover any crippling damage, but we may still recommend a full replacement if your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Budgeting for a Houston Roof Replacement

The cost of your new Houston roofing varies depending upon your choice of materials, your roof’s size and pitch, and the labor needed to finish the job. We have numerous options for shingles, from affordable asphalt shingles, mid-grade laminate shingles, premium architectural shingles, and DaVinci roof products. Our Houston roof experts can help you decide which product best fits your design preferences by discussing the pros and cons of each. Houston roof replacement financing options are also available, which can be discussed if your homeowners insurance policy offers to cover none or only some of the cost of replacement. We want to make a new roof a reality for you, and will work tirelessly to fit it within your budget.

Your Houston Roof Replacement with Our Houston Roof Experts

We’ll work with you to discuss your preferences regarding the material and color of your shingles, then schedule a time to come out and begin the job. Once we begin installation, we usually complete the work in as little as a day. In fact, only 5% of our roofing jobs take longer, and that includes removing the old roof, installing the new one, and cleaning your property of all debris. 

Experience You Can Trust For Your Houston Roof Replacement Project

When you make the decision to move forward with your Houston roof replacement project, we’d be honored to complete the work for you. Our Houston roof experts have decades of local experience serving communities throughout Houston and along the Gulf Coast. We’ve been in business for 47 years, offering quality craftsmanship, timely results, and service with a smile. Call us today to schedule your free roof inspection and see what our Houston roof experts can do to add value and protection to your home in 2022.

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