The Different Types of Roof Shingles Our Houston Roofing Company Offers For Friendswood Roof Replacement

Now that it’s the second month in the Atlantic Hurricane Season, you may have taken the time to consider whether you should get a Friendswood roof replacement before a hurricane makes its way to our coast. If you’ve read our previous blog about preparing your Houston roof for hurricane season, then you know that a Houston roof replacement is a great idea because it ensures your roof is as strong as possible to withstand a future storm. At our Houston roofing company, we offer three types of shingles. Here is how they all compare.

3 Tab Shingles

3 Tab shingles are the most common (and most economical) roofing option we offer. They last about 20-30 years in perfect weather and climate conditions. Many Friendswood homeowners purchase these shingles because they get the job done, last a fair amount of time, and are highly affordable. However, what makes them so economical is that they are made up of a single layer of protection. This makes them very lightweight, which seems like a good feature, but the fact that they’re lightweight makes them prone to curling and flying off of your roof when there are strong winds, such as those during a hurricane.

Laminate Shingles For Your Friendswood Roof Replacement

A level above the most economical roofing material is the laminate shingle. Compared to the 3 Tab shingle, these have an extra layer, which aids in withstanding strong winds and more severe weather conditions over time. Because of this, their lifespan is between 30-50 years, making it an enticing option for a budget Friendswood roof replacement.

Architectural Shingles Are The Ultimate Investment In Your Friendswood Roof

The highest-end rooftop shingle we offer is the architectural shingle, and the higher price tag reflects the quality of the end result of your Friendswood roof replacement. Architectural shingles are thicker and heavier than the two we previously mentioned. This makes them highly durable and protective, which is why they boast a warranty that lasts 50 years to a lifetime! They also offer a more decorative look, which makes your home more attractive and valuable in the event that you decide to sell or lease it.

Amstill Roofing Installs High-Quality Roof Shingles To Guarantee A Proper Friendswood Roof Replacement

We want to reiterate that the lifespan of shingles is highly dependent on the weather and climate. In perfect weather year-round, your roof will probably last the entire warranty. Realistically, though, some years have more severe weather than others. If you think the lifespan of your shingles may be reaching its end, or if you wish to increase the value of your home, then please contact us so we can start the process with a free Houston roof inspection. Once we complete our inspection, we will move forward with a Friendswood roof replacement, for which we offer financing options and also get you in touch with your homeowner’s insurance company.

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