Signs Your Kingwood Roof Was Damaged This Fall

Fall brought an increased risk of Kingwood roof damage thanks to strong fronts ushering in cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and the end of a very active hurricane season. But if you don’t know what to look for, especially when those fall conditions caused roof damage significant enough to warrant a Kingwood roof replacement, you could be unaware of the need to address them, leaving you to deal with more costly problems in the future. Our Houston roof experts want you to be aware of the signs your home sustained fall roof damage, and what you can do to address it.

Types of Kingwood Fall Roof Damage

  • Roof Leaks: heavy rains from hurricanes and strong cold front storm systems can easily drop the kind of rain that causes severe storm damage. Not all leaks are immediately noticeable, and our Houston roofer often discovers hidden leaks that have resulted in significant water damage completely unbeknownst to the homeowner before our roof inspection.
  • Wind Damage: Winds are common with incoming fall cold fronts and can be strong enough to affect your shingles and other roof materials, as well as send debris and other loose items on your property flying onto your roof. This is known to puncture your shingles and affect their ability to prevent further Kingwood roof damage. 
  • Clogged Gutters: The leaves that fall during the autumn months quickly accumulate in your gutters, clogging them so that rainwater cannot easily flow away from your home. This water will soak into your shingles instead and impede their ability to protect your home.

If you’re noticing any of these issues, don’t ignore them. Our Houston roof experts recommend seasonal roof inspections to assess the level of this fall roof damage and determine if you need a Kingwood roof replacement.

Our Houston Roof Experts Recommend A Roof Inspection Every Fall

As autumn comes to a close, it’s a good time to schedule a seasonal roof inspection to see if your home sustained any Kingwood roof damage. Our Houston roof experts are familiar with the aforementioned issues and are also knowledgeable about recent weather conditions that may have led to this type of damage. We can assess your Kingwood roofing and let you know if it’s structurally sound enough to keep you and your family safe. Should we see the need for a Kingwood roof replacement, we’ll make the process as smooth as possible and complete your project in as little as one day.

Trust Amstill Roofing For Your Kingwood Roof Replacement

Our Houston roof experts have built a name for ourselves as trustworthy, dependable, and experienced. If we determine that your home has suffered extensive fall roof damage, a Kingwood roof replacement may be the best way to properly protect your property from further issues. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and discuss the options available to you, which will be personalized to meet your individual needs. We value your business and hope to earn the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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