Signs Your Friendswood Roof Is Damaged

Your roof is key to the strength and protection of your entire home. Because of how critical your roof is, identifying and correcting Friendswood roof damage is imperative to protecting your family. Here are just a few of the many signs that your Friendswood roof is damaged.

Have Your Friendswood Roof Shingles Reached The End Of Their Warranty?

Aging is a major factor that contributes to roof damage because an older roof is a weaker roof, and a weaker roof will sustain damage more easily. Eventually, it will sustain damage that is even more severe than before. A roof in Houston lasts 15 to 20 years, but the type of shingles you currently have installed on your roof, as well as what weather events have taken place over the years, will affect this number.

Is There Any Water Damage In Your Attic?

Houston’s hurricane season is notorious for bringing heavy downpours our way. This is especially true this year, which has been a historic hurricane season. Our Friendswood roofers recommend you take a walk throughout your attic and look for signs of roof water damage, which includes water stains along the wall or ceiling, or even damp insulation. Other signs of water damage include warped walls or mold and even shriveling in some areas.

Are Your Friendswood Roof Shingles Misshapen?

Healthy, undamaged roof shingles lay flat against your roof. Our Friendswood roofing company suggests keeping an eye on the corners of your roof, as the roof shingles here tend to lift and curl when faced with strong winds like those we experience during hurricane season. After curling enough, they can fly off and tear the neighboring shingles off, making way for critters and further roof damage. If only a few shingles are missing, then we may be able to complete some Friendswood roof repairs to restore your roof’s integrity. On the other hand, if too many shingles are missing and the underlying foundation has become affected, a Friendswood roof replacement may be necessary. 

Contact Amstill For A Free Friendswood Roof Inspection

If the integrity of your roof is of concern to you, then please contact our Friendswood roofing contractor. We will schedule an inspection in which we can evaluate the condition of your roofing. With over 40 years of roofing experience, we can spot any and all signs of Friendswood roof damage and complete any necessary Friendswood roof repairs or replacement.

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