Signs You’re Dealing With a Scammy Sugar Land Roofer

Roofing scams are just one of the unfortunate things that homeowners should look out for. If you aren’t careful, you could be left with a bad roof and drained bank account. A scammy Sugar Land roofer usually uses poor-quality materials or runs away with your money altogether. These con artists target old homes or areas recently damaged by storms. Don’t let criminals get the better of you. Here are some signs of a scam to watch out for.

Rates That Are Too Good to Be True

A scammer will reel you in with low rates — far lower than what other roofers in your area offer. It becomes a red flag when the roofer keeps inflating the rate, citing unforeseen issues to justify. It’s normal for a legitimate roofer to have additional costs as the project goes along. But be wary if the roofer keeps increasing the initial offer even before the work begins.

Storm Chasers That Come Knocking

Storm chasing is a common tactic that takes advantage of homeowners who are eager to get their roof repaired after a major storm. Storm chasers go door to door in towns affected by recent typhoons. Unfortunately, they either do a bad Sugar Land roof replacement or disappear with your money.

Claims of Hidden Damage

A dishonest Sugar Land roofer may show up on your doorstep claiming to have spotted hidden damage on your roof. They will insist that your roof is in serious need of repair and charge you for the supposed invisible damage. The best way to avoid this is to hire a Sugar Land roofing company with a proven track record. You can be sure that the damage they claim is honest and accurate.

High Pressure to Hire Them

Scammers will pressure you to accept their estimate and sign a contract right away. They don’t want you to think about the deal too hard or weigh in other options. High-pressure tactics might work on desperate homeowners, but don’t be fooled. When a Sugar Land roofer is overly eager to do repairs, start doing your research on them. 

Extremely High Down Payments

A roofing company asking you for a large down payment is rare, and usually only happens if the roofing project is huge. Do not agree to a prepayment if it’s your first time encountering the contractor. It’s normal to be asked for a deposit but never for a big prepayment before they do any actual work.

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