Signs You Need Cypress Roof Replacement After Hurricane Season

Our intense Texas climate can take its toll on the appearance and structural integrity of your roof, which means it might be time to consider a Cypress roof replacement. Since heat and hurricanes can cause the kind of damage even simple repairs can’t correct, you don’t want to delay necessary roof replacement that can protect your property down the road. Even if your Cypress roof doesn’t fail due to storm damage–such as hail, heavy rains, or wind–your roof may be old enough to require replacement by our Houston roof experts. 

Common Reasons For A Cypress Roof Replacement: 

Hurricane season is known to cause roof damage, even if we don’t experience full-on hurricanes. This is simply due to the nature of more wind activity along with rain and hail. These are the most common reasons homeowners seek our Cypress roof replacement services:

Cracked Roof Shingles

Shingles should lie flat against the roof, so if they appear damaged or buckled, it’s time to hire our reliable Houston roofing company to see if you need to replace your Cypress roofing. Shingles can crack or curl at the edges due to storm damage, extreme heat, or even simple wear and tear.

Moss Growth On Your Roof

If you see moss growing on your roof, it could be trapping moisture against the surface, causing more than just discoloration. Over time, that moisture can cause Cypress roof damage and necessitate an inspection from our trusted Houston roofing company.

Roof Leaks

Whether it’s the result of age or extreme storm roof damage, multiple leaks need to be addressed immediately. If you discover frequent or multiple leaks, that means it’s time to call our trusted Houston roof experts to assess the extent of potential Cypress roof damage.

Sagging Spots in Your Roofing

Moisture damage can cause a roof to sag, which could spell catastrophe for your property. If your roof is sagging, this is the type of Cypress roof damage that means it’s time to replace your roof right away.

Your Roof Is More Than 20 Years Old

Our Houston roof experts use shingles that are designed to extend the lifespan of your roof, but wear and tear and storm damage require older roofs to be replaced. If you notice that your neighbors are getting new roofs, this is also a good sign that it’s time to call your Houston roof experts. Since homes in the same neighborhood were likely built around the same time, these roofs have also experienced the same weather patterns from hurricane season, Texas heat, and storm damage. Even if you aren’t seeing your Cypress roofing fail or suffer from obvious damage, an old and worn roof is an eyesore and can affect your home’s value.

You Want To Sell Your Home

In a competitive real estate market like in the Houston area, replacing your Cypress roofing before listing it can be a powerful selling point for your home and sets your property apart from other comparable listings for sale nearby.  

Trust Amstill To Be Your Houston Roofing Company

Guaranteeing the structural integrity of your Cypress roofing is incredibly important, especially to protect your home from potential damage down the road. If you’re seeing signs that you need a Cypress roof replacement, reach out to our Houston roof experts for a free estimate from one of our highly-trained professionals. 

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