Signs of Tomball Roof Wind Damage

Storm season in Texas is a time for heavy rainfall that is usually coupled with high winds. During the worst hurricanes, wind speeds can reach 100 mph and above, causing destruction to homes and valuables. Prevent severe roofing issues by being aware of signs of Tomball roof wind damage. You can rely on Amstill Roofing’s time-tested perfection for all your roofing needs. We’ve perfected our process to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible when solving wind damage to your roof. To get you started, be aware of the following.

Missing or Loose Shingles

The first sign of Tomball roof wind damage to watch out for is missing or damaged shingles. Your shingles are your first line of defense against the weather, so they take the initial impact. Not only do you have to worry about loose shingles, but you also have to pay attention to granule loss. Keep an eye out for granules or sediments in your gutters; this means that your shingles are in a weakened state.

Curling in the Edges

When high winds hit your home, one of the first areas to be affected are your roof edges. These parts of your roof are easy targets for Tomball roof wind damage. If you notice curling in your edges, then it’s time for Tomball roof replacement. Amstill Roofing is the best Houston roof company for the job. Guided by honor, integrity, and strength, we will address the roof damage caused by wind in your area.

Indoor Leaks

Aside from inspecting your exteriors, you should also take a look at your ceilings and attic. When wind destroys your shingles, your flashing is left exposed for water to seep through. This is how you get leaks inside your home. Notice brown or yellow stains on your walls? Contact Houston roof experts right away before the water damage gets any more serious.

Debris on Roof

Flying tree branches and leaves are a common sight during hurricane season. When you do a ground inspection, notice any debris on your roof? This is a sign of Tomball roof wind damage. Don’t go up your roof yourself to remove the debris; instead, contact a Tomball roofing company to clear out your roof. If you don’t address this issue soon, your roof might not be able to bear the weight, and it may cave in over time.

Solve Your Tomball Roof Wind Damage Today!

Do you suspect Tomball roof wind damage in your home? Request a free inspection today from Amstill Roofing where we take pride in time-tested perfection. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been proudly serving Texas since 1974. We let our roofing track record speak for itself. With thousands of roofing jobs under our belt, we have the experience to fix wind damage before it gets worse. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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