Signs of Sienna Hail Damage

An unfortunate conjunction of factors results in hail. Hailstones are formed when water freezes in the cold sections of storm clouds. However, instead of falling as snow, strong updrafts or upward moving air keeps these particles suspended in the air. Said particles become coated with additional moisture coming from the storm clouds, which freezes over and increases the stone’s size until it eventually falls. As a family-owned and operated business in Texas since 1974, our roof contractors have done multiple Sienna TX hail damage roof repairs near me. In this article, our contractors who have come to address Sienna roof hail damage will be discussing the types of damages that can be caused by hail.

Hail May Require Sienna TX Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hailstones can vary in size ranging from 0.2 inches to 6 inches in diameter. The record for the largest hailstone in the State of Texas is 6.4 inches, for comparison a golf ball is 1.75 inches in diameter while a softball is 4 inches. The damage that hail can inflict is not only dependent on the size of hailstones. A constant barrage of even the smallest of stones can cause roof hail damage that may require Sienna TX roof repair near me.

Sienna TX Hail Damage Roof Repair for Roof Shingles

As the exposed portion of your roofs, hailstones primarily damage your roof shingles. Smaller hailstones can cause bruising on asphalt shingles. You will know that a roof shingle is bruised because it will be soft to the touch. Hail can also knock off the granules on your asphalt roof shingles. These granules are applied on your shingle to protect them from UV ray damage and premature weathering.

Larger stones can cause significant damage that will require an immediate Sienna TX hail damage roof repair near me. Larger hailstones can cause roof shingle, roof shakes, and roof slates to get knocked out of place if not crack and split upon impact.

Sienna TX Hail Damage Roof Repair for Roof Structure

This is an issue for roofs that have a gentler slope. Hailstones can accumulate on flat roofs and the added weight can strain the roof’s support. Watch out for sagging or pooling of hailstones in a portion of your roof, which is a sign of Sienna roof hail damage. In extreme cases, too much weight from accumulated hailstone can compromise the support structure of your roof and may require a Sienna TX hail damage roof repair near me.

Work with the Roofing Contractor with Extensive Experience on Sienna TX Hail Damage Roof Repair

To minimize the need for Sienna TX hail damage roof repair, homeowners can look into utilizing DaVinci Roofscapes’ Engineered Tiles. The engineered tiles produced by DaVinci Roofscapes have a Class 4 Impact Rating which makes it resistant to impact damage from hail or other falling debris. Amstill Roofing is one of the only two Master Contractors authorized by DaVinci Roofscapes. With over 47 years in the business, 138,000 roof inspections, and more than 50,000 roof inspections and repairs near me under their belt, Amstill Roofing is the Houston roofing contractor you can trust. If you are looking for Houston roof repair contractors with competitive rates and impeccable service, trust the experts at Amstill Roofing. Call us now and schedule a free roof inspection.

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