Signs of Roof Aging That Cause Katy Roof Damage

Your roof is an important structure in your home because it protects you from the elements. Well-built roofs keep you safe from severe weather, both extreme heat and strong rains. However, roofs are not made to last forever. The average lifespan of a roof is between 15 to 30 years. This will depend on the quality of installation and roofing materials. If you’re not sure how old your roof is exactly, there are some signs of aging to watch out for. Being aware of Katy roof damage ensures your property’s structural integrity and your family’s safety.

Inspect Your Attic

Before going up to your roof, check your interiors first to know if there is Katy roof damage. If you have an attic, notice if sunlight is shining through. This is a sign that there are holes in your roof membrane. If sunbeam can pass through your roof, then so can water and wind. The best time to do your inspection is during the day. Close all your lights and windows. Once you confirm that light can pass through, it is time for Katy roof replacement.

Check for Leaky Ceilings

Water damage is a tell-tale sign of Katy roof damage. When it comes to home maintenance, leak inspection should be at the top of your list. Trapped moisture causes mold and fungi. When left unchecked, these organisms are health risks. Leaks also compromise your home’s structural integrity. If a hurricane arrives, your roof may not be able to withstand the pressure. Water damage destroys insulation, leading to higher electricity bills.

Watch Out for Broken Shingles

A common sign of Katy roof aging is missing or loose shingles. Over time, your shingles will weaken and reposition. Older shingles also tend to bruise. Once the granules have been scratched off, your top layer protection is compromised. The area feels soft as you touch it, and visible indents will appear. In addition, damaged flashing is an indication of roof aging. Flashings  prevent water from entering the most vulnerable parts of your home. If you notice damaged flashing, have our Houston roofing experts inspect your property.

Check for Roof Discoloration

As a roof ages, discoloration will occur. Black streaks will start to appear, indicating that a roof is shedding its original color. If you start to notice this, contact the Houston roofing experts at Amstill Roofing. We will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the type of Katy roofing services you need. Avoid pressure washing your roof on your own. Instead, trust our time-tested process that has helped thousands of homeowners in our area.

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