Signs of Pearland Hurricane Roof Damage

At Amstill Roofing, we have built roofs that have withstood the test of time through a process that we have perfected since 1974. However, these roofs are not immune to sustaining damage, especially when exposed to extreme forces such as wind gusts from hurricanes. Hurricane season in the United States starts in June and ends in November. For 2022, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast 6 major storms to be Category 3 to Category 5 hurricanes. Category 3 hurricanes pack wind speeds of 111-129 miles per hour while Category 5 hurricanes’ wind speeds top out at 157 miles per hour or more. These speeds are enough to cause significant Pearland Roof Damage to your homes. It is therefore imperative for an inspection to be conducted on your roofing to assess if its integrity has been compromised after a severe storm and in need of a Houston roof repair. In this article, our Houston roof experts will discuss the signs of Pearland hurricane roof damage.

When Should You Get a Houston Roof Repair

Should you see any of the signs of Pearland Roof Damage discussed below, especially after a major storm, you may be due for a Houston roof repair.  

Curling, Peeling, or Ripped Shingles

Strong winds can cause your roof shingles to start curling or peeling. This is a sign that wind has gotten under the roof shingles and has started to lift the shingle layer. If left unrepaired, curled or peeling shingles are susceptible to being blown off in the next storm. Of course, ripped or blown roof shingles are clear signs of Pearland Roof Damage.

Leaning Chimney Caused By Pearland Roof Damage

Roof chimneys are extra vulnerable to fierce gusts of wind because they are sticking out of your roofing system. If there is an observable tilt or lean in your chimney then that is a clear sign of Pearland roof damage. One other thing to watch out for is Houston hurricane roof damage to your chimney flashing. It is a thin metal that seals the gaps between your roof and your chimney. Common Pearland roof damage to chimney flashings are warping and leaking. If left unchecked, this may cause wood rot and drywall damage.

We Can Do a Complete Houston Roof Repair in One Day

If you can see any of the signs discussed above then your roof may be in dire need of a Houston roof repair. However, some hurricane roof damages start small and may not always be noticeable. In those cases, we can help you by conducting a free professional roof inspection. Our team of trustworthy roof experts will make sure that the process is clear to you and that you are presented with the most cost-efficient option. A well-maintained roofing system is key in ensuring your loved ones are protected. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that family is everything. Call us now and schedule your free professional roof inspection!

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