Signs Of Houston Storm Damage On Your Roof

Although we want more than anything for hurricanes to not affect us, they inevitably do. Now that we’ve officially exhausted the year’s name list for different tropical storms, this tells us that we may have to reluctantly expect more storms to come. Rather than dealing with the costly risks of being uninformed, though, we thought we should break down the different signs of Houston storm damage. By catching the following signs, you can seek Houston roof repairs far sooner, which is better for your roof and your family.

Is Your Houston Roof Sagging Anywhere?

If your roof shows any sagging it is likely due to roof rot. Roof rot occurs when moisture from rain gets trapped underneath curled or creased shingles as a result of storm wind damage. This trapped moisture reaches the underlying boards and, sometimes, damages the roof insulation as well. When your roof sags, pooled rainwater may also worsen its condition, causing it so tear entirely.

Do Your Roof Shingles Appear Damaged?

Damaged roof shingles are the most obvious sign that your home has sustained roof storm damage. How can you tell if your shingles are damaged? See if they lay flat against your roof or not. Another good indicator is to see if you can spot any balding spots on your roof shingles. Roof shingles have a layer of granules which offer the outermost layer of protection your Houston roof shingles need in order to buy some time before roof damage starts to take its toll. 

Is Your Home Showing Signs Of Water Damage From Rainstorms?

The easiest way to find out if your roof has sustained rainwater damage is by checking in your attic. Look for water stains, mold, and/or warping of the walls. If you see any of these signs, you may have suffered insulation damage as well.

Amstill Roofing Can Determine If Your Roof Has Suffered Houston Storm Damage

If you worry about the integrity of your roof, please contact us so we can evaluate the current state of your roof by conducting a free Houston roof inspection. This inspection gives us an opportunity to climb onto your roof so you don’t have to. This way our trained eyes with 40+ years of roofing experience can look for other signs of damage that may have been missed. After our inspection, we will be able to determine if your level of roof storm damage requires Houston roof repairs or Houston roof replacement.

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