Signs of Houston Roof Damage During Recent Storms

Unpredictable Houston weather can weaken the structural integrity of your roof and put your family in harm. Strong rains and hail storms can cause severe damage to your property that is irreparable if you wait too long before calling in the Houston roof experts. Are the missing shingles or minor leaks you see cause for alarm? If you are unsure whether it is time to hire professional help, consider these signs of Houston storm roof damage.

Why Hire a Roofing Company?

Houston is prone to inclement weather, so property owners know the importance of regular inspection. Some clients think that minor scratches on shingles are not too alerting, so they choose to forego a Houston roof repair service. In reality, these small cracks can lead to huge headaches in the long run, so it’s best to address them early on. Our Houston roofing company will protect your home from damage caused by the elements listed below.

Damage From Wind and Rain

The first sign of wind damage you should watch out for is missing shingles. To add to this, a damaged or missing flashing is a tell-tale sign that your roof’s integrity has already been compromised. Flashings are flat, usually metal materials, that prevent water from entering the most vulnerable parts of your roof. Once these areas are damaged, you can expect leaks all around your house. To prevent this from happening, contact a Houston roofer today.

Damage From Hail Storms

One of the most common causes of Houston roof damage is hail. When hail impacts your shingles, bruising can occur. You can tell that there is bruising once the granules, or top layer protection, of your roof have been scratched off. The area will now feel softer as you press it, and visible indents will appear. Hail can also cause circular marks indicating that the granules have worn off. Don’t leave Houston storm roof damage unattended and request a free quote today.

Damage From Falling Debris

Strong storms not only cause torrential downpour, but they also leave debris lying around your property. The most common form of debris are trees and other pieces of wood. Once you have cleared out the debris from your roof, inspect the area for any scratches. If you are not satisfied with your inspection, you can always hire Houston roof experts.

Get in Touch With Us for Houston Roof Damage

Amstill Roofing is one of Houston’s most trusted roof repair companies among its residents. We have a team of dedicated roofers who are ready to respond to your roofing emergencies. Whether it is an emergency tarp covering service or a complete re-roofing, we will demonstrate the highest level of skill and professionalism. If you see visible signs of a Houston roof leak, that means it is time to call in the professionals. Request a free roof inspection today!

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