Signs of Hail Damage on Katy Roofing

Hail and strong winds cause billions of dollars in damage in the US every year. A big portion of insurance claims are related to hail damage. You may notice the obvious signs of hail on your roof like a big dent. But there are small, unnoticeable cracks that are not as easy to spot to the untrained eye. To prevent costs from piling up, these tiny issues should be addressed right away. Amstill Roofing offers Katy roofing inspections to help you spot hail damage. Here are some signs to watch out for.

Damage to Your Downspout

A professional Katy roofer would not recommend that you go up your roof to check for Katy roof damage. This is a safety hazard on its own. To check for hail damage, the first step is to do inspections from the ground. If you notice dings and dents on your windows, garage door, car, and even your mailbox, there is a good chance your roof also took a beating. To further confirm your suspicions, check your downspout for any dents or holes. 

Granule Loss

When hail hits your shingles hard, granule loss happens. The granule is the sandpaper-like coating of your shingle. When your shingle loses granules, it is exposed to the elements. To check for granule loss, look inside your downspout and gutters. This is another step that can be done safely from the ground. If you see granules, it’s time to call Houston roof experts. They will properly execute the needed repairs.

Missing or Loose Shingles

If you are experienced in using a ladder, you can carefully check the integrity of your shingles. Hail can weaken the seal on your roof, which will completely blow off your shingles. Without shingles, the most vulnerable parts of your home are unprotected. You will eventually notice leaks and stains all over your house. If you need Katy roofing services near me, contact Amstill Roofing. We work on thousands of roofs every year and are experienced in hail damage.

How to Repair Hail Damage

The good news is that hail damage can be repaired. We may also recommend Katy roof replacement, depending on the extent of the damage. The first step is to do a complete inspection of your Katy roofing system. We don’t stop on shingle inspection. We will check all other components of your roof for hidden damage. Contact the best Houston roofers for hail damage solutions.

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Amstill Roofing is a family-owned and operated company that has been proudly serving Texas since 1974. Our time-tested perfection sets us apart from the rest. We uphold honor, integrity, and strength in every Katy roofing job that we do. Do you suspect hail damage? Don’t worry. We’ve perfected our process to make sure we repair any signs of hail damage. Contact us today for more information on our services. We offer free roof inspections.

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