Signs of Cypress Hail Roof Damage

Hail season is a source of stress among homeowners. With the unpredictable weather in Texas, you never know when you will wake up with a hole in your roof. Make sure your family is protected during a hail storm by paying close attention to your roof. Amstill Roofing believes that every roof deserves proper care and maintenance. If your home has been affected by harsh weather, don’t hesitate to contact us. Read on for more information on hail roof damage.

What Are Hailstones?

Hailstones start as rain drops, which are carried by updrafts toward cold areas in the atmosphere. Hailstones fall when they become too big or too heavy. Small hailstones are less than 1 inch in diameter. They have a fall speed between 9 and 25 mph. The larger ones are 2 to 4 inches in diameter. They can have a fall speed of 44 to 72 mph. Some hailstones were even recorded to fall at over 100 mph. You can only imagine the damage this type of impact can have on your roof.

How Hail Damages Your Roof

The severity of hail roof damage will depend on hail size, wind speed, and the quality of roofing materials. Your Cypress roof damage can be both functional and cosmetic. Issues like granule loss, bruising, and punctures may start out as eye sores. However, they can lead to serious complications. When shingles lose their granules, they age more quickly. Cracked shingles can leave the most vulnerable parts of your roof exposed. Amstill Roofing protects your home with our time-tested Cypress roof repairs.

What to Watch Out for After Hail

The first thing to watch out for after a hail storm is debris like leaves and tree branches. These should be cleared out immediately when safe. Make sure to check your gutters as well. High-velocity hail may damage your gutters and downspouts. If this happens, there’s a high chance of moisture buildup on your roof. Contact Houston roof experts to evaluate the integrity of your roof. Amstill Roofing offers free roof inspections to save you from unnecessary headache after a hail storm.

How Hail Causes Long-Term Damage

Small dents and punctures on your shingles may not seem like a big problem at first. But as time passes, hail roof damage can progress. Loose granules leave your asphalt layer exposed to the elements. UV rays will take their toll on your shingles, causing them to contract and expand. When winter arrives, your singles will start to crack. You will begin to notice leaks on your ceiling. If years go by without Cypress roof repairs, your entire roof may need to be torn down. Save more by getting repairs while the damage is still minor.

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