Signs of Bellaire Wind Roof Damage

Hurricane season is now upon us. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasts 6 major storms in 2022 to be between Category 3 and Category 5 hurricanes. If your community experiences a major storm, it is crucial that an inspection be conducted to assess if the integrity of your Houston roofing has been compromised and is in need of Bellaire roof replacement. In this article, our Bellaire roofing experts will discuss the signs of wind roof damage.

When Should You Get a Bellaire Roof Replacement

Should you see any of the signs of Bellaire roof damage mentioned below, especially after a powerful storm, you may be due for a Bellaire roof repair.

Asphalt Granules from Your Bellaire Roofing

The shingles from your Bellaire roofing are covered with asphalt granules that help protect it from the extreme weather. These granules tend to shed slowly over time as your shingles age and are exposed to the elements. However, an early sign of wind roof damage is the sudden breaking down of these granules and its uncharacteristic accumulation in your Bellaire roofing or in your gutters as it is washed down by the rain.  

Curling or Peeling Shingles from Your Houston Roofing

Gusts of strong wind do not hit your Bellaire roof system evenly during storms and as such some shingles are more susceptible to curling or peeling; these are the roof shingles located at the edges of your Bellaire roofing and at other areas that are already loose from previous wind roof damage. Curling roof shingles is a sign that the wind has started to lift the layer of roof shingles. If left unaddressed, these curled or lifted shingles are likely to be peeled by the next battery of strong winds.

Crooked or Tilting Chimney in Your Bellaire Roofing

Your chimney is also one of the vulnerable points of your Houston roofing system. Because of its function, it sticks out of your roof and as such is more exposed to strong winds. If you find your chimney crooked or tilted after a hurricane then this is a sign of wind roof damage. You should also watch out for Bellaire roof damage in the chimney flashing, the thin metal that seals the gaps between your roof and chimney.

Our Bellaire Roofers Can Repair Wind Roof Damage

If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above then your roofing may be due for a Bellaire roof repair due to wind roof damage. A well-maintained roofing system not only ensures that your family is protected from the weather but it also keeps the maintenance costs to a minimum. Do not wait too late until you need a Bellaire roof replacement. Call us now and schedule a free inspection!

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