Signs It’s Time for the Woodlands Roof Replacement

When it comes to roof maintenance, ignoring the signs of damage could spell disaster in the long run. If you notice that your roof isn’t what it used to be, consider getting the Woodlands roof replacement near me. Amstill Roofing is a family owned and operated company that works on thousands of roofs every year. Our time-tested perfection when it comes to the Woodlands roofing has made us go-to roofers for homeowners in the area. If you’re thinking of getting roof replacement, here are some signs to watch out for.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

The first tell-tale sign that you need the Woodlands roof replacement is broken shingles. Extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and drought, can take their toll on your shingles. Bruising and missing granules need your immediate attention. Roof repairs may be enough on one or two damaged shingles. However, if there are more shingles affected, roof replacement may be the best option.

Leaks and Stains on Your Ceiling

Water damage is a common problem for homeowners. Leaks and stains on your attic mean that at least one component of your roof is compromised. The damage can be anywhere from your shingles to your flashing, and even to your gutters and fascia. Leaks are a red flag. Call our Houston roof experts for a free roof inspection. We are committed to quality and precision when assessing your roof damage.

Moss and Fungi Overgrowth

Black and green stains on your roof could be a sign that mold and fungi have taken over. These organisms trap moisture from rain, which could cause your roof to collapse. They are also signs of underlying problems in your roofing system. It can be hard to brush them off especially when they cover the majority of your roof. 

Poor Insulation in Your Home

Have you noticed higher energy bills than usual? This could be a sign of holes and cracks on your roof. When your roof isn’t sealed properly, air can easily leave your home. This leads to higher electricity bills. Make sure your home is energy-efficient with the help of the Woodlands roofer you can trust.

Your Roof Is Past Its Lifespan

An average asphalt roof can last for 15 to 20 years, depending on how you maintain it. Don’t wait for serious damage to show up. If you know that your roof has outlived its lifespan, then it could be time for the Woodlands roof replacement. 

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Amstill Roofing has proudly been serving Texas since 1974, with a proven track record under our belt. We operate with honor, integrity, and strength in every roofing job that we do. If you need the Woodlands roof replacement near me, contact us to claim your free quote. We look forward to serving you!

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