Should You Repair Your Friendswood Roof Or Replace It?

By now, you’re probably considering getting your roof updated and taken care of after a historic hurricane season. Even though Houston has been rather fortunate thus far, this season may have led you to seriously think about the state of your roof so you can be proactive in keeping it as strong and protective as possible. In this article, we will discuss whether you should repair your Friendswood roof or get a full Friendswood roof replacement instead. Here is how both services compare.

Is Friendswood Roof Repair Better Than Friendswood Roof Replacement?

Our customers ask us this question quite often. Which option is better actually depends on the current state of your roof. Often, homeowners ask this because they worry about their budget, but if roof repairs aren’t enough to save your roof, then a replacement will be necessary and we would prefer to offer you some guidance so you aren’t putting your home at risk. Likewise, roof replacement may not be necessary because the level of damage doesn’t warrant one.

Friendswood roof repairs, for example, are ideal if only a few of your roof shingles are damaged or missing due to stormwind damage. They may be also damaged because they are cracked, buckled, or curled. In this case, only a few roof shingles are posing a problem, which means we can easily replace them for you and reinforce the rest of your roofing.

On the other hand, we will recommend a Friendswood roof replacement if a majority of your roof shingles have torn off and have affected the adjacent shingles to a point where they, too, are starting to come loose. We will also recommend a roof replacement if a large portion of your roof is sunken in or damaged by rot and mold. In these cases, we will strip the roof down to its foundation and follow our roof replacement process.

Although a replacement is a bigger job, there are ways to make both Friendswood roofing replacement and roofing repairs more affordable. You can read all about the roof financing options we offer and also learn about how we help you get in touch with your Houston homeowner’s insurance to get some roof damage coverage.

Before You Repair Or Replace Your Friendswood Roof, Get An Inspection

Roof replacements and roof repairs are major decisions, and we want you to make an informed one. If you would like to determine which service your roof needs, then please contact us so we can schedule a Friendswood roof inspection.

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