Have a Roof Leak? Amstill Roofing in Houston Can Repair Your Roof so It’s as Good as New

Now that we’re approaching the end of April, we’re also in the middle of Houston’s spring season, which means rain, thunderstorms, and possibly hail. With these new weather conditions, you may expect to find a leak. 

How Do Roof Leaks Occur?

Although leaks may seem sudden, they are anything but. They often start gradually and go unnoticed until they escape through a light fixture or a corner between where the ceiling and wall meet. If you haven’t gotten a roof replacement or done any roof repairs, then leaks are more likely to occur. 

A leaking roof in Houston could be caused by incorrect shingle installation, which leaves space for rain to make its way underneath the shingles and into the house. Leaks may also occur due to an aging roof, in which case the shingles are far too weakened to provide strong enough of a barrier between precipitation and the underlying structure. 

A third cause of a roof leak is flying debris. Although this is more common and severe during hurricane season, the sudden gusts of wind, paired with the rain that spring gives us, make it easy for debris to end up on your roof. When there are strong winds, yard debris, and even furniture and decor may get caught up in a gust of wind and puncture your shingles, allowing for rain to seep into your roof. 

Remember, water doesn’t necessarily leak out of the same spot it entered your home. There are a few common places you should check. Start in your attic, but also check light fixtures and corners.

Amstill Roofing in Houston Offers Roof Leak Repair

If you notice or suspect a leak, then please take emergency measures, but then contact us immediately after so that we can do an emergency repair. We have to work quickly in order to avoid insulation damage and rotting in the walls. If rotting has already occurred because the leak has been present for a long time, then we want to be sure to clear it all out to keep you, your family, and the rest of your house safe. After we’ve patched the leak, we’ll complete a thorough roof inspection, free of charge. This will help us determine what exactly caused the leak, and whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement to ensure it doesn’t reappear. 

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