Richmond Roof Replacement FAQ

This is the perfect time of year to begin your Richmond roof replacement project, but in order to feel like you’re making the right decisions for your home, you may have some questions you need answered first. Our Houston roof experts have been completing Richmond roof replacements for decades, and have the answers you seek. Keep reading to see some of the most frequently-asked questions and our responses to them below:

How Do I Know If I Need a Spring Roof Replacement?

Many roofing materials manufacturers claim their shingles will last 20 years or more, our Richmond roof replacement company has found that isn’t always the case. Storm damage, which is quite common along the Gulf Coast, often warrants the need for a new roof even sooner. If you’ve experienced roof damage due to severe weather or if your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s wise to call our Houston roof experts to assess the need for a Richmond roof replacement.

How Much Does a Richmond Roof Replacement Cost?

Customers are usually most curious about this aspect of the Richmond roof replacement process, as the cost of materials and labor combined can fall between $5,000-18,000 (or even more if using high-end shingles). This cost varies widely due to a number of factors, from the materials used to the size and pitch of your roof. Lucky for you, our Houston roof experts respect your budget and do our best to honor it by helping you obtain potential coverage from your homeowners insurance policy and also by offering Richmonf roof replacement financing options.

Do I Need a Richmond Roof Replacement if my Roof is Leaking?

Although roof leaks are a genuine cause for concern, a small roof leak doesn’t always mean you need a whole new roof. If you have a larger leak or the presence of multiple leaks, this may be a sign that your Richmond roofing has sustained significant damage that repairs alone might not fix. A roof inspection performed by our trusted roof replacement company can help you determine if you need a full Richmond roof replacement. 

How Long Will it Take for my Houston Roof Experts to Complete the Job?

Should we find that a Richmond roof replacement is necessary to effectively protect your property, we’ll discuss your financing options and choose the materials that are right for your home and your budget. Once we begin installing your roof, we typically finish the job in one day!

How Do I Choose the Right Roof Replacement Company?

You need a Richmond roof replacement company you can trust to complete the job with expert skill while communicating with you each step of the way. Our Houston roof experts have over 47 years of experience serving Houston and its surrounding areas, and we believe we’ve earned our stellar reputation from the quality of our work and open dialogue, both of which help us to forge lasting relationships with our customers.

Trust Amstill with your Richmond Roof Replacement

If you’ve decided it’s time to install new Richmond roofing in order to upgrade your home’s security and increase its value, look no further than our Houston roofer. We’ll install a high-quality roof that looks beautiful and will last for many years to come, but only after working to stay within your budget by helping you secure financing and/or homeowners insurance coverage. Call us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate for your property, getting you one step closer to a beautiful Richmond roof replacement!

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