Repair A Roof Instead Of Getting Kingwood Roof Replacement

For homeowners who believe their homes are exhibiting Kingwood roof damage, there are two options: repairing their roof or replacing their roof. In this article, we will explain the difference between these options and why sometimes repairs just aren’t enough.

What Is The Difference Between Roof Repairs And Kingwood Roof Replacement?

“Patching” and repairing your roof may be considered synonyms, but there is a slight difference between them. However, both fall under repairs.

Kingwood roof repairs are usually done on a smaller section of your roofing, such as where a Kingwood roof leak has formed or where your roof has sustained wind damage. If you decide to “patch” your roof, this usually means replacing a few isolated roof shingles and fixing up a much smaller portion of your roof.

With a Kingwood roof replacement, we replace your entire roof by stripping its materials down to the decking. This process is recommended when the roof damage is severe.

Is It Okay To Patch Your Roof Instead Of Getting More Extensive Roof Work?

While we understand the need to save money, patchwork is rarely enough to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here’s why.

Your Roof Shingles Are Nailed Together

First and foremost, roof shingles are not individually nailed down, one at a time. They are nailed down in strips of roof shingles that are attached to one another, so when one roof shingle is torn off, this inevitably leads to the adjacent roof shingles ripping away as well. If balding sections of your roof is your only concern, then we may be able to replace a section of your roofing with some Kingwood roof repairs.

Roof Damage Usually Goes Beyond A Few Stray Roof Shingles

Similar to the prior point we made, roof damage tends to span across various areas of your roofing system. For example, if your roof shingles fly off, the underlayment is then exposed, which allows for water from rainstorms to seep into the interior of your structure and creates severe leaks and mold within your system. 

Sometimes, Roof Damage Requires A Kingwood Roof Replacement

If enough of your underlayment is soaked through and warped, or if your roof is sagging anywhere, this means the underlying structure has long been compromised. In this case, roof repairs will not suffice because the damage is underneath, so a Kingwood roof replacement will be vital.

Unsure Of Whether To Get Kingwood Roof Repairs Or Kingwood Roof Replacement? Amstill Roofing Can Offer Guidance

Getting any roof work done is a big decision, so we understand the hesitation. However, if you think you might need repairs or a Kingwood replacement, please contact us so we can conduct a free roof inspection. This way, our professionals who have over 40 years of experience can assess your roof for you and determine whether roof repairs or Kingwood roof replacement are best for you.

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