Remove Dead Leaves Or Ruin Your Roof

Winter is coming to a close, which means those dead leaves should be completely off the trees. This being said, if those leaves came off your trees, they had to land somewhere. Chances are, a bunch of them landed on your roof.

If you have a bunch of leaves on your roof, don’t trust the wind to knock all of them off. You will probably have to do that yourself. You need to make sure that there aren’t piles of leaves – large or small – left on your roof. These patches or piles of leaves collect water and begin to rot over time. When this happens, it can cause the same effects to your roof. These old wet, rotting dead leaves can create mold and cause your shingles and the wood interior to start to rot.

Wet piles of leaves that have sat for weeks or months can also create weak spots in the roof. If this happens to your roof, then it means the wood framing has become weakened. Soft spots in the roof present rotting, which could lead to collapse in the area.

If your roof has a weak and soft spot, it needs to be repaired quickly. Houston is known for its unpredictable weather. Strong winds commonly pass through our city, which causes debris, like heavy tree limbs, to fly around and hit roofs. If a heavy limb falls on the weakened area of the roof, it could pierce the roof structure causing substantial external and internal damage to the house. Don’t wait for the worst to happen.


We recommend using a strong blower to remove the leaves on your roof. If you aren’t able to get on your roof, which can be risky, we recommend hiring someone to do it for you. Another way to remove the leaves is by using a rake or broom. But the blower, due to not having to make too much of an effort, tends to be safer. Always use a sturdy ladder to reach your roof.

Also, remove the leaves in your gutters. Gutters are known for collecting leaves and limbs and rain water. The combination of the three can negatively impact the ends of the roof. Also, full gutters can become very heavy and can cause unnecessary strain on your roof.


If you have left old leaves on your roof for a significant amount of time, then you should contact our Houston roofing company. Our roofing professionals are able to visit your home and conduct a roof inspection free of charge. We will check to see if there are any weak spots in your roof or possible rotting of shingles or framing.

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