Recent Storms May Have Caused Houston Roof Damage

Recent Houston storms have done wonders for our lawns and ended drought conditions, but they also brought hail, wind and heavy rains that may have caused Houston roof damage. If you’re aware of existing damage, you may be asking, “who are the best Houston roofers near me?” In order to prevent further damage to your Houston roofing—especially with the Atlantic hurricane season in full swing—it’s imperative to find a roof replacement company you can trust. Our family-owned and operated Houston roofing company has completed nearly 32,000 total roof replacements after over 47 years in business. Our Houston roof experts have the skills and knowledge to determine if your storm roof damage requires roof repairs or a full Houston roof replacement.

Causes of Houston Storm Roof Damage Near Me

Houston storm roof damage is usually caused by the following: 

  • Rain: When rain falls too hard and too fast, it can cause existing weak spots in your roof to grow larger and more prone to failure. In many cases, this can lead to leaks that may not be noticeable until the water reaches the rooms below, causing extensive and expensive damage. 
  • Hail: Hail causes Houston storm roof damage when it makes impact with your roof. If hail leaves divots in your shingles, a full Houston roof replacement is likely necessary, as your damaged shingles are now too weak to protect your home. Those asking themselves, “was there recent hail roof damage near me?” are advised to call our Houston roof experts and schedule a professional roof inspection as soon as possible.
  • Wind: Heavy winds are one of the most common forms of Houston roof damage during the Atlantic hurricane season, which can rip shingles from your roof or displace flashing, either of which can allow water to enter your home.

Factors to Consider Regarding Houston Roof Damage Near Me

How Old Is my Houston Roofing? How Old Are Other Roofs Near Me?

Most roofs have a 20-year lifespan, so if you haven’t had a Houston roof replacement within the past decade or even longer, then chances are your shingles are very weak, especially if you notice they are missing granules. If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, ask yourself, “are other homes receiving Houston roof replacements near me?” Since homes in the same neighborhood were likely built around the same time, their roofs are likely the same age and have sustained the same type of Houston roof damage that may warrant replacement. 

What’s the Condition of my Houston Roofing? What’s the Condition of Other Roofs Near Me? 

The shingles that make up your Houston roofing contain special oils that keep them strong in the presence of extreme weather conditions like Houston storms and heat. As they age, however, these oils dry out and your shingles become brittle, making them prone to cracking.

Buckled shingles, which appear sunken or dipped in the center, are also a sign of severe Houston storm roof damage near me. When this occurs to too many shingles, it will often cause larger dips within your roof where rainwater can settle, further weighing them down and weakening them. Not long after this point, you may expect a severe roof leak, necessitating a Houston roof replacement. 

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We’re a family-owned business who has been serving the community with honor, integrity, and strength since 1974. Your time is important to us, and we know you want to protect your home from future damaging weather as soon as possible, which is why our Houston roof experts complete 99% of Houston roof replacements in as little as one day! With over 47 years of experience, you can trust Amstill Roofing to provide you with quality service you can trust, and a peace of mind in protecting your property with solid craftsmanship for years to come. Call us today and ensure you’re protected from any damage the future may bring.

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