Rain Damage May Call For Cypress Roof Replacement

Hurricane season is here, and as Houstonians, we know all too well that showers can quickly turn to heavier storms here in Cypress. Excessive rain has the potential to damage your roof, and if this damage is left unaddressed, you will need a Cypress roof replacement sooner than you think. In this blog, we will explain how your roof may become damaged by rain and how Amstill Roofing can help. 

Haven’t Received A Cypress Roof Replacement In A While?

If your roof shingles have fallen victim to serious storms–such as the several thunderstorms we experienced in May, hail storms, or previous hurricanes–and you haven’t replaced them, then chances are they have significantly weakened over time. 

Weakened roof shingles may exhibit the following in addition to the issues we will discuss later in this roofing blog:

  • Buckling/dipping: If your roof has dipped at all, then this allows for rainwater to settle, further weighing them down and weakening them, and causing potential roof leaks
  • Missing roof shingle granules/missing roof shingles: this makes your roof more vulnerable to critters and future weather events 

Brittle Cypress Roof Shingles Are More Likely To Cause The Need For Cypress Roof Replacement

Roof shingles are designed with special oils that keep them moisturized and strong, but as they age, they tend to dry out and become brittle. Once in this state, they are more prone to easily cracking and sustaining various types of weather damage–especially now that we are in the middle of the hurricane season.

Cypress Roof Leaks Occur When Your Shingles Aren’t In The Best Condition

Roof leaks are the type of rain damage most homeowners think of. As a result of weakened, brittle shingles, rainwater will much more easily find a way inside your home. Although you will likely not spot a leak right away, it will slowly build up inside your attic, the walls, and maybe even the decking before it finds an opening. Left unaddressed, this can lead to the dire need for Cypress roof replacement.

How Our Cypress Roof Replacement Company Can Fix Your Rain-Damaged Roof

Because we know how easy it is for roofs to experience rain damage this season, we are ready to inspect it and make recommendations on the best way to handle the situation. If you would like to know whether you need a Cypress roof replacement, please contact the Houston roof experts at our Cypress roof replacement company so we can protect your roof from rain damage!

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