Prepare Your Tomball Roof For Hurricane Season With Tomball Roof Replacement Or Roof Repairs

As we continue on through hurricane season, Tomball homeowners may be spending some time thinking about putting together emergency kits and wondering what else they can do. Above all, we are hoping a lot of the expected storms don’t form at all or end up less threatening and devastating. However, it’s a good idea to be prepared and take safety precautions now, starting with your Tomball roof. This post will break down what you can do to prepare and protect your Tomball roof for hurricane season.

Clean Up Your Yard

Be sure to adequately maintain your Houston roof. Hurricane season brings dangerously powerful winds, which means any loose objects in your backyard can be blown onto your roof, puncturing the shingles. Clear away excess debris, planters, and patio furniture. Trim any tree branches that hang over the top of your roof. Trimming tree branches is a great way to discourage critters from scurrying onto your roof, further damaging your shingles and making a home out of your roof. Trimming also gets rid of heavy branches that can puncture your Tomball roofing.

Revisit Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Did you know your homeowner’s insurance may offer substantial coverage for Houston weather-related Tomball roof damage? Now is the ideal time to check your policy and see what they cover. We’ll even help you with your Tomball roof damage insurance claim.

Don’t Put Off Pending Roof Work You’re Considering Getting Done

If you’re planning on inquiring about Tomball roof repairs or Tomball roof replacement, don’t delay it any longer. Getting roof work done now will revitalize your Tomball roof, making your roof the strongest it can possibly be as we continue on through hurricane season. If you delay Tomball roof repairs or Tomball roof replacement, it might be too late and your roof could sustain extensive, more costly damage.

Get A Free Tomball Roof Inspection

We’ve stated before that prevention is the best way to care for your Tomball roof, so if you want to know how well-prepared your roof is for hurricane season, please contact us so we can assess it with a free roof inspection. This way we can let you know whether your roof is ready for hurricane season or if you would benefit from getting a Tomball roof replacement or a few Tomball roof repairs now.

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