Prepare Your Kingwood Roof For Potential Hurricanes

Now that hurricane season is in full swing, here are some precautions our Houston roof experts–which service roofs in Kingwood, Katy, Friendswood, Pearland, Central Northwest, and other neighborhoods/cities in the greater Houston area–recommend that you take to ensure your home and your family are well-protected.

How To Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

A large amount of damage your home takes is caused by severe winds during a tropical storm or hurricane, so the following precautionary measures will help reduce what could be preventable Kingwood roof damage.

Clear Out Your Yard

Hurricane winds can toss around anything in your yard with ease, such as chairs, bikes, furniture, barbecues, propane tanks, and decorations. When these items are tossed around in the wind, they can easily land on your Kingwood roof, puncturing your shingles and causing an emergency Kingwood roof leak. If a hurricane hits, you do not want to deal with a leak. If you tidy up your yard and put away any of these objects inside your garage, home, or another shelter, you’ll do your roof a great favor and minimize the damage that you can control.

Get A Free Kingwood Roof Inspection

It’s imperative that you know how well your Kingwood roof will hold up during and after a storm, so we recommend you get a Kingwood roof inspection as soon as possible. Our Houston roof experts offer free roof inspections because we want to ensure that you are safe and protected by your Kingwood roof. This inspection gives us a chance to utilize our 47 years of roofing experience to spot any Kingwood shingle damage and address it in a timely manner. If your roof has suffered damage due to aging, time is of the essence and a Kingwood roof replacement may be imminent.

Get A Kingwood Roof Replacement If You Need One

As we inspect your Kingwood roofing, we will assess the level of damage it has undergone and determine if this calls for a Kingwood roof replacement. Your roof may seem like it’s in okay condition, but if a hurricane hits, you might find you should have gotten a Kingwood roof replacement sooner rather than later.

Ready To Prepare Your Roof This Hurricane Season? Contact Our Houston Roof Experts

If you reside in Kingwood and want to make sure your roof is prepared for hurricane season and/or tropical storms, please contact us so we can begin with a Kingwood roof inspection. It is our job to gauge how healthy your roof is and fix it as needed.

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