Post Hurricane Season Houston Roof Repairs You Might Need

A couple of weeks have passed since the most historic hurricane season we have experienced came to an end. If you’re anything like a lot of our customers, then chances are you’re using this season as a learning experience and deciding you’ll take better care of your roof throughout the years that follow. Even though we did not experience the worst of the hurricane season like our neighbors in Louisiana did, perhaps the several past seasons your roof has been through have left their mark on your roofing, or the news of the severity of this year’s hurricanes was enough to encourage you to pay more attention. In this article, we will discuss some common roof repairs you should get following the conclusion of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

Common Houston Roof Repairs You Might Need After Hurricane Season

There are a number of repairs that may have become necessary after the season we had. Below we have outlined the most common repairs that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Houston Roof Shingle Replacement

As the outermost layer of your roof, your roof shingles and the granules that reinforce them are intended to be the first components of your roofing system to take damage. Strong winds during the hurricane season are notorious for making debris and other objects fly around, such as lawn and yard decor or even lightweight furniture. The wind can cause these items to puncture your roof, and if you kept your yard clear, the wind alone can lift and rip your roof shingles off. When your roof shingles are missing, water soaks into the underlying surface and may cause extensive interior damage.

Houston Chimney Flashing Roof Repairs

Lawn decor, furniture, and hail from the spring and heavy showers may also affect your chimney flashing, causing dents and dings. If this is the case, it’s easier for the rain to make its way through your chimney and roof, making way for increasingly devastating roof leaks.

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These are common roof damage repairs that become necessary after hurricane season, but before determining whether your roof has these issues, we must first conduct a thorough inspection. If you think your roof may have suffered hurricane season damage, then please contact us so we can schedule our free inspection. Let Houston’s #1 roofer make your roof safe and strong again.

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