Make Your Roof Christmas Ready With Sugar Land Roof Repairs

Tis’ the season for holiday parties, family traditions, and all the joy this time of year can bring. But Christmas also means you might be facing winter roof damage that should be addressed before Jolly Old St. Nick lands his sleigh and reindeer on damaged Sugar Land roofing. Many homeowners discover roof damage while putting up decorations and hanging lights along their rooflines, prompting a call to our Houston roof experts. If you’ve discovered your own Sugar Land roof damage, now is a better time than ever to schedule an inspection and see what kind of Sugar Land roof repairs you should complete before Christmas arrives.

Signs of Winter Roof Damage That Require Sugar Land, TX Roof Repair

Roof Leaks

Hurricane season just ended and strong, more frequent cold fronts are headed our way. These storms often include heavy rains, which can drop enough precipitation on your roof to cause a roof leak. This type of winter roof damage can be catastrophic if left unaddressed, leading to water damage throughout your home that will end up costing far more than simple repairs and may even necessitate a Sugar Land roof replacement.

Wind Damage

Cold fronts not only bring rain, but strong winds, too. Our Houston roof experts are familiar with winter roof damage repairs that are required after strong winds roll through the area, which can buckle shingles and displace flashing. Should this type of winter roof damage occur, it can expose your property to the elements.

Clogged Gutters

Now is the time to check your gutters for autumn’s falling leaves, which may have collected there, clogging them and preventing rainwater from flowing away from your home during downpours. When this happens, your shingles become water-logged and soggy instead, impeding their ability to protect your home. 

Advantages of Sugar Land, TX Roof Repairs Over Replacement

Repairs to your Houston roofing can extend the life of your roof and cost less than a full replacement. Our Sugar Land roof repair company may uncover only a small area of damage, which can often be solved by replacing a few shingles for a small section of your Sugar Land TX roofing. Patching damaged shingles is best performed on obscure or inconspicuous sections of your Houston roofing, however, as the existing shingles have faded after years of exposure to the hot Texas sun. This means that matching the exact shade of your shingles can be a difficult process, even if you have a few left-over from when the roof was installed.

When Sugar Land, TX Roof Replacement May Be Necessary

A full Sugar Land TX roof replacement is your best option when the damage to your roof cannot be corrected with Houston roof repair alone. This is especially true if you notice sagging or buckling of the roof’s structure, multiple leaks, or if your Houston roof repair company found too much damage to repair and still maintain your roof’s structural and protective integrity. Also, it’s worth remembering that we live in a disaster-prone geographical location, meaning that newer, more durable materials will offer better protection against the elements. So if you find yourself deciding between Sugar Land TX roof repairs or a Sugar Land TX roof replacement and the difference in cost is a few thousand dollars, you may be saving yourself more money in the long run. 

Get Ready For Christmas With Sugar Land Roof Repairs With Our Houston Roof Experts

Whether its Sugar Land roof repairs or a full Sugar Land, TX roof replacement, Amstill is the company you can trust for the job. Our extensive experience in the Houston area and thousands of satisfied customers means we’re on Santa’s nice list every year. So call us today to schedule your free inspection and get your Sugar Land roofing ready for Christmas. 

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