Leaky Friendswood Roof After Recent Storms? Amstill Can Help

Got a roof leak?

As we near the start of hurricane season, heavy downpours become increasingly synonymous with spring in the Friendswood area. The Greater Houston Area received plenty of rain, wind, and localized flooding earlier this month, and with this weather, a Friendswood roof leak isn’t unheard of. In this article, we will discuss what causes a leaky Friendswood roof and how our Houston roof experts can help. 

What Causes A Friendswood Roof Leak?

Roof leaks are anything but sudden. They often go unnoticed until they escape through a light fixture or a corner between your ceiling and walls, but the truth is, they have been forming in the attic for an extended period of time. If severe enough, you will need a Friendswood roof replacement as soon as possible.

A Houston roof leak is caused by water that makes its way through your roofing system and into your home. This could occur for a number of reasons, including:

Poor Shingle Installation

If you received a Friendswood roof replacement rather recently and discovered a roof leak, this was likely due to poor roof shingle installation. Incorrectly installed shingles create spaces in between your structure that allow water to make its way in.

When your roof shingles aren’t adequately secured, an increase in winds will further destroy those lacking seals, often resulting in torn off roof shingles. Pretty quickly, the rest of your roof shingles follow suit. To remedy this, you will require Friendswood roof replacement by our Houston roof experts to make certain that your shingles are installed to last.

Roof Rot

If your attic isn’t sufficiently equipped to fend off excess heat and moisture, then this will inevitably lead to roof rot. This occurs when the decking beneath your roof has succumbed to excess humidity, heat, and water. Once this occurs, your roof shingles no longer have a surface to adhere to, inviting a Friendswood roof leak to form. At this point, you may be in need of a Friendswood roof replacement in order to replace the decking and affected roof shingles.

Have A Friendswood Roof Leak? Our Houston Roof Experts Are Here To Help!

If you notice or suspect a leak, then please contact us immediately so we can conduct a thorough roof inspection. This inspection will help us determine what the root cause of your Friendswood roof leak is and whether or not your home needs a Friendswood roof replacement. We look forward to taking care of your roof so it protects your home and your loved ones as we head into the rainier season!

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