Is Your Katy Roofing System Hurricane-Ready?

Hurricane season usually begins in June and lasts all the way to November. Is your roof ready to withstand high winds and heavy rain? Not to mention, the impact of flying debris can cause instant damage if you have a weak roof. It’s never too late or too early to have roof repairs done. Amstill Roofing offers Katy roofing services near me to get you ready for a hurricane. We’ve put together a checklist to give you a better idea of Katy roof repairs you may need.

Inspect Your Roof

The first thing you can do is to do an ocular sweep of your shingles. Notice any loose or broken pieces? This is a definite sign that you need Katy roof repairs. Aside from your shingles, you should check your underlayment. This insulates your house and protects your roof decking. You should also inspect your flashing or the component that prevents water from pooling on your roof. Make sure they are properly connected and sealed. If you need help with the inspections, don’t hesitate to contact Amstill Roofing. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

Your gutters are important in directing water away from your roof. Clogged gutters may cause your roof to collapse, as it’s unable to bear the weight of heavy rains. Leaves and other debris can clog your gutters, so make sure these are cleared out. For your safety, contact Houston roof experts near me to perform this task for you. We will ensure that you have a properly functioning gutter system that will survive hurricanes. 

Watch Out for Leaks

Continuous leaks and stains on your ceilings are bad news. This is a sign that your Katy roofing system has been compromised. Leaks are often visible in your attic. To be sure, close all your attic windows and notice if any light is streaming through. If you don’t get this fixed, you could end up spending more on Katy roof replacement costs. Leak problems will also weaken your home’s foundation and put your family at risk.

Make Sure to Use High-Quality Materials

Did you get subpar roofing materials the last time you got repairs done? Generic shingles, flashing, and other components won’t last long in a hurricane. Now is the time to get the high-quality materials you’ve always needed. Amstill Roofing understands the type of roof that will offer optimal protection. All materials we use in your projects are bought by us. We only source from trusted suppliers to give you the best services and prices.

Contact Us for Katy Roofing Services Before a Hurricane

When it comes to protecting your property, the best action is preventive measures. Make sure your roof is hurricane-ready by contacting us for Katy roofing inspections. We provide time-tested services to ensure the best protection for your home. Contact us today for a free roof inspection near me!

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