Is Hail Roof Damage Common in Hurricane Season?

In Houston, the spring and summer months are notorious for wild weather. March through May are considered the peak of hail season, and the Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1st and continues until the end of November. That said, summer storms often contain hail that can cause Houston roof damage, which means that homeowners should be especially aware of the risk for two different weather events that can damage your Houston roofing. Here, our Houston roof experts explain the ways hail and hurricanes can cause roof damage, as well as how to best prepare your home for these systems.

Houston Hail Roof Damage

Strong thunderstorms can produce hail, which is known to cause significant Houston storm roof damage. Hail is formed when water drops freeze together in the cold portions of storm clouds. These drops grow heavier, causing them to fall before the storm’s updraft pushes them back into the cloud. When that happens, another layer of water freezes to this existing hailstone, making it even larger. Eventually, either the hailstone becomes too heavy to continue this cycle or the storm’s updraft slows down and the hail falls.Considering the impact of these hailstones on your Houston roofing surface, coupled with their ability to grow quite large in especially strong storms, the damage can easily be severe enough to require a Houston roof replacement.. 

Houston Hurricane Roof Damage

Houston homeowners should be aware of the threat of hurricanes during the summer, which means you should ensure that your roof is strong enough to withstand the strong winds, heavy rain, and even tornadoes that accompany a hurricane. Structurally sound Houston roofing is crucial during hurricane season, as this structure bears the brunt of the storm’s threatening conditions and protects your home’s interior from the possibility of Houston hurricane roof damage. And even more importantly, the strong roof will keep you and your family safe from the dangers a hurricane can bring. 

Houston Hail Season Can Overlap with Houston Hurricane Season   

Hail season peaks from March to May, while hurricane season begins immediately after. As a result, it’s important to note that these two threats can occur simultaneously. Therefore, the condition of your Houston roofing should be assessed as soon as possible. That’s where our Houston roof experts can help! Our thorough and professional roof inspection will identify any possible issues with your Houston roofing before making recommendations based upon their findings. Thanks to over 47 years of quality, local service, we’re familiar with the types of Houston roof damage that could spell trouble if a hurricane hits, which allows us to provide honest and informed suggestions for your home. That may include simple repairs or a full Houston roof replacement, depending on the condition and age of your Houston roofing. . 

Amstill Is the Best Choice for Your Houston Roofing Needs

Our Houston roofers take pride in providing customers with the peace of mind that accompanies a Houston roof replacement, especially when Houston hail damage and Houston hurricane damage pose a double threat during these summer months. If you want to ensure your roof is secure enough to protect your home and your home in the event of severe weather, call Amstill and schedule a free roof inspection as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you!

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