Insurance May Make Tomball Roof Replacement More Affordable

A roof in Houston typically lasts 15-20 years, on average. How long your particular roof lasts, however, will depend on the type of roof shingles you installed when you built your house or when you last got a roof replacement, as well as how well you have maintained your roof over the years. When the time comes for a Tomball roof replacement, we can help you get in touch with your homeowner’s insurance to see if you’re eligible for roof replacement coverage. Here’s how the insurance process works.

Step 1: Review Your Insurance Policy

Chances are it’s been a while since you last looked at your policy, so be sure to read through it so you understand what kind of coverage you may get. In general, roofs less than 10 years old that have suffered extensive weather damage may be fully covered for roof repairs or Tomball roof replacement.

Step 2: Get A Free Tomball Roof Inspection

By having Amstill conduct a free roof inspection before you file an insurance claim, we get a chance to fully assess the level of damage to your roof caused by any weather events and offer an estimate. Further, we will be able to tell you whether you truly need a Tomball roof replacement, or if a few roof repairs will suffice.

Step 3: File Your Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

Now it’s time to contact your homeowner’s insurance. Once you file your claim, the company may expect documentation, so we recommend getting some photos of the damage.

Step 4: Your Insurance Will Conduct A Roof Inspection

In addition to providing documentation, your insurance company will proceed with their own Tomball roof inspection by sending their insurance adjuster to your home. At this inspection, they will assess the damage and provide an estimate for how much coverage you may be eligible for. 

Amstill Roofing Is Here For All Of Your Tomball Roofing Needs

Now that you know what to expect when filing an insurance claim, please contact us if you think you may need Tomball roof replacement or roof repairs. We will gladly inspect your roof for free and offer guidance on the next steps you should take. If you do end up needing a Tomball roof replacement or some roof repairs, we will happily work on your roof and ensure your family feels safe again. 

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