What Does Cypress Roof Wind Damage Look Like?

With plenty of tropical storm and hurricane activity taking place in the Atlantic as we progress through peak hurricane season, many Cypress homeowners are practicing hurricane preparedness ahead of time. Part of exercising hurricane preparedness is checking that your roof doesn’t already have wind damage. Here is what wind damage looks like on your Cypress roof.

Signs Your Home Sustained Cypress Roof Wind Damage

Signs of wind damage may go unnoticed for extended periods of time because you may experience heavy winds very sporadically. We recommend looking for any of the following signs.

Leaking Roof

Look for any leaks in the attic, as this is the easiest way to help you find the source of the leak. If you find a leak, it likely occurred as the result of shingles that were blown off of your roof by big gusts of wind during a past hurricane or tropical storm. Missing shingles expose the underlying structure, which will quickly weaken unless repaired, which is how water makes its way into your home. Here is how to deal with a roof leak as soon as possible.

Curling Shingles

Are your Cypress roof shingles lying flat or have any started to curl or come loose, causing waves and folds across your roof? It may be hard to see just how many shingles are curled, but here’s a trick: go outside to your front or backyard and look up at the corners of your roof. Corner roof shingles are the most prone to curling, so when one roof shingle comes loose, the adjacent roof shingles follow soon after in a chain reaction. If you spot any corner roof shingles that are curling up, then it is far likely that many others are as well

Damaged Chimney Flashing

Our last tip to determine if you have Cypress roof wind damage is to check your chimney flashing. Chimney flashing encloses the space between the roof and the chimney and helps prevent water from entering your home. It’s fairly hard to spot cracks, dents, and buckling on your chimney flashing, but when you clean out your gutters you may be able to get a better look.

Get Cypress Roof Repairs If Your Roof Has Sustained Wind Damage

You may be able to easily spot signs of Cypress roof wind damage by yourself, but other signs may be a bit more difficult without climbing onto your roof. However, we don’t recommend you do so if you don’t have the proper training or equipment. Instead, we recommend you contact us for a free roof inspection so we can check on the condition of your roof. Based on our findings, we may recommend Cypress wind damage roof repairs. Rest assured that our trained eyes will catch any compromised spots and offer the best, most affordable course of action for you.

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