How To Perform Seasonal Spring, TX Roof Maintenance

Now that a brutal hurricane season has come to an end, it’s a good time to check your roof and perform some much-needed Spring, TX roof maintenance. While you do this, you will even get a chance to find out if your home might need some Spring, Texas roof repairs or a complete Spring, TX roof replacement. In this article, we will offer our advice on properly maintaining your Houston roof. Although this chore seems dreadful, it is fairly easy to complete and absolutely necessary. 

Clean Your Spring, TX Roof Gutters

Your gutter system as a whole is responsible for collecting rainwater and directing it out through your home’s downspout in an attempt to keep water from soaking into your siding, roof shingles, and the rest of the structure. A gutter system is in place to protect your roof from weathering down too quickly and sustaining mold/mildew damage, but if you haven’t cleaned your gutters, then chances are there is a ton of debris–such as twigs, grass, and leaves–sitting in them. This debris is notorious for clogging your gutters to the point where water will have nowhere to go and, instead, settle onto your roof shingles. Settling water weighs down your roofing and will compromise your roof’s overall integrity and durability. 

Trim Any Overhanging Tree Branches

Large trees are a beautiful addition to your yard, but they come with a few drawbacks. Namely, large trees mean large branches will hang over your home’s roof, which may cause more debris to accumulate in your gutter system and your roof valleys. Large branches also place unnecessary weight on your shingles, which will inevitably cause them to buckle or even become punctured, making way for rain and/or critters to enter your home. 

Get A Free Spring, Texas Roof Inspection

As always, inspection is prevention. By getting a free roof inspection on a regular basis, our Houston roofing experts will be able to consistently monitor the current state of your roof and give you a time frame for when it might be time for a Spring roof replacement. When Amstill Roofing inspects your roof, we will also find out if there are any Spring, Texas roof repairs that we could complete in the meantime that will help prolong your roof’s lifespan.

Amstill Roofing Is Houston’s Go-To Roofing Expert

If you’d like to understand the current condition of your Spring, Texas roof, then please contact us for a free inspection. We will assess whether you are in need of Spring, TX roof repair or Spring, TX roof replacement, as well as how to best maintain your roof every year. 

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