How To Keep Critters Off Of Your Pearland Roof

Summer’s warmer weather invites birds, squirrels, and other small critters to make their own home out of a quiet area in yours. Unfortunately, if you let critters onto your Pearland roof, they can bring plenty of damage, resulting in the need for a Pearland roof replacement, which may have easily been avoided. Here are some measures you can take to keep critters away from your roof.

Regularly Check Your Attic

Because we rarely go into our attics, some critters may choose to make your attic their home due to its warmth and quietness. Animals have to go outside often to get their basic needs, so it will be fairly easy to find evidence that a critter is residing in your Pearland attic. Our Pearland roofers recommend getting a free roof inspection so our expert roofing crew with over 40 years of experience can check the outside of your roof first. We look for tracks and see if anything has been chewed through, as critters can enter your home through many different places.

Once we enter your attic, we will check on the ducts and wiring for similar signs of critter roof damage or presence. We will also look for key access points and complete Pearland roof repairs that will prevent critters from accessing your attic again in the future. This will also save and reinforce your roof.

Perform Regular Pearland Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is important to ensure its overall health, as it helps prevent premature Pearland roof replacement and ensures you don’t let minor issues escalate into severe, long-term damages. To maintain your roof, we recommend regularly cleaning out your gutters. Throw out twigs, leaves, and other debris that may end up in your gutter system, as this clogs it. When it rains, rain won’t flow away from your roof like it is intended to. Instead, it will settle and overflow back onto your roof, causing rot and bacteria. 

Trimming overarching trees is another great way to prevent critters from climbing onto your roof. Critters may use tree branches as bridges to get onto your roof and into your attic.

Amstill Roofing Can Help Protect Your Pearland Roof From Critters

Critters can wreak havoc on your roof. Once you discover critters, it is very likely you will be in need of Pearland roof repairs or a full Pearland roof replacement. To be sure your home is not at risk of critter invasion, or to keep present critters away, please contact us so we can begin with a Pearland roof inspection and address any problems they have caused.

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