How to Choose Shingle Colors for Your Central Northwest Houston Roof Replacement

Your roof accounts for a major part of your home’s visual exterior, so it’s important to choose the right shingles. If you’re getting a Central Northwest Houston roof replacement, pay special attention to the color of your new roof. Color plays an important role in making the right impression and boosting your curb appeal. Not sure which shade to get? Here are some tips from our Houston roof experts.

Aligns With Your Design Aesthetic

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a color for your shingles is your own preferences. What makes you happy and fits your personality? Pull up a few options you like and make sure to test them under exterior light. Color may look different inside a store versus the outside world. If you’re unsure which option to go for, feel free to get the advice of your roofer before getting a Central Northwest Houston roof replacement near me.

Complements the Rest of Your Home

Not only is it a great feeling to come home to a beautiful new roof, but it also increases your home’s market value. Make sure that the color you choose complements the existing style of your home. Do you have a contemporary or traditional home? Is your architectural style on the minimalist or rustic side? What color are your shutters, siding, doors, and trim? When you get a Central Northwest Houston roof replacement, keep these factors in mind so colors don’t clash.

Gives Practical Value

Aside from adding beauty to your home, your shingles should also be functional. Be mindful of practicality when choosing color. If you live in an area where the sun tends to get really strong, you may want to go for lighter shades so the heat isn’t absorbed as much. If your home is situated among greenery, darker colors would make your roof pop out more. It would also be handy to ask your neighborhood association and Houston roofer for any restrictions on color.

Keeps Up With the Latest Trends

If you’re still stuck on which shingle color to choose, check out home design websites and magazines for inspiration. There, you can find a range of the hottest trends that you can’t go wrong with. From cool shades of gray and blue to warmer colors, like red and brown, you’ll never run out of great ideas for your Central Northwest Houston roof replacement.

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