How to Budget for Houston Roof Replacement

New Houston roofing not only protects your property from roof damage caused by severe weather and hurricanes, but it can also instantly enhance your curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Despite the many benefits of this worthwhile investment, the potential cost of a Houston roof replacement makes some homeowners anxious to commit to such a project. With that in mind, our Houston roof experts have some suggestions for what to consider when planning for a Houston roof replacement and how you can keep this project within your budget. 

Reasons To Invest in a Houston Roof Replacement:

Our Houston roofer may recommend a roof replacement if they spot Houston roof damage that cannot be repaired. Sometimes this is the result of advanced age, while other times it is the result of storm roof damage caused by severe weather. If you aren’t sure whether your home has sustained Houston roof damage, but know your home has been exposed to severe weather or is more than 10 years old, we recommend a professional roof inspection with our Houston roof experts. They can help you determine your need for a Houston roof replacement and then provide a free estimate. 

Determining the Cost of your Houston Roof Replacement

A new roof is priced between $5,000-$18,000, a relatively wide price range that can be difficult to budget for without knowing what factors will affect the cost of your Houston roof replacement. Details like personal preference, choice of materials, and the square-footage of your roof can vary widely.  Therefore, it’s important to understand how the following elements may influence the cost of your new Houston roofing.

Size and Shape of your Houston Roofing 

Due to its pitch, your roof’s square footage isn’t the same as your home’s square footage. The steeper the pitch of your Houston roofing, the more expensive it will be, as more material will be required to cover this larger surface area. 

Choice of Materials 

Our Houston roofers recommend asphalt shingles for those on a budget, as they are the most affordable option. It may be worth considering higher quality shingles, however, as they will last longer and offer better protection in severe weather. Those looking for top-of-the-line protection and beauty should consider investing in our stunning and durable DaVinci Roofing materials.

The material you choose will affect the overall cost of your Houston roof replacement, as each has a different price point. That said, the more expensive the material, the less likely you are to face expensive repairs and maintenance over time, and many homeowners are willing to trade upfront affordability for the added protection and longer lifespan high-end shingles provide. 

Finance Your Houston Roof Replacement With Amstill

We are proud to offer flexible financing options in order to make a Houston roof replacement more accessible for our customers. We can also guide you through the claims process with your homeowners insurance company if we find recent evidence of storm roof damage during our professional roof inspection. So schedule your free inspection with our Houston roofer, so we can assess the condition of your current Houston roof damage, discuss pricing, and provide you with a free estimate tailored to your needs. We strive to honor your Houston roof replacement budget while offering the same quality work we’ve provided to all our customers for over 47 years.

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