How to Budget for Four Corners Roof Replacement

Budget for your new roof in Texas

As we gradually near the end of hurricane season, it’s important to remember that we still have just under 2 months to go until we’re free of these storms. However, if you think you might need a Houston roof replacement for your Four Corners home soon, then you might be wondering how to budget for it. In this article, our Houston roof experts offer insight into how you can budget for a Four Corners roof replacement.

Pick the Roof Shingles for Your Four Corners Roof Replacement

Roof shingles are the most important part of your Houston roof replacement. Our Houston roof experts install multiple types of roof shingles, including 3-tab roof shingles, laminate roof shingles, architectural roof shingles, and even DaVinci roof shingles–which are engineered to mimic slate and shake roof tiles while boasting the best lifespan in the industry. By deciding which roof shingles are best for you, you will gain helpful information on how much money you’ll need to set aside. 

Plan for the Possibility of Extra Costs Associated With Your Four Corners Roof Replacement

When it comes to any roof work, you’re not just paying for the labor and the roof shingles. There are other costs associated with a Four Corners roof replacement in Houston that may not be obvious right off the bat. The national average roof replacement cost is approximately $5,300 and, in Four Corners, you may pay anywhere from $5,000 to $18,000 (give or take). When we provide you with an estimate, we also include a maximum cost in case we stumble across anything that may have been overlooked for years prior.

File a Claim With Your Homeowners Insurance to Help Pay for Your Four Corners Roof Replacement

When attempting to make a Four Corners roof replacement more affordable and fit within your budget, we recommend turning to your homeowner’s insurance in an attempt to get some coverage for your Houston roof replacement costs. We’ll also ensure we’re present when the insurance adjuster conducts a roof inspection, as this way we can help you get the coverage you need and deserve.

Consider Roof Financing With Our Houston Roofing Company

Sometimes insurance coverage isn’t as much as you hoped it would be for your needs, so we also offer multiple Houston roof replacement financing options, including some interest-free options. Financing your Four Corners roof replacement with us is as easy and quick as making a phone call to apply.

Contact Amstill Roofing for Budget-Friendly Four Corners Roof Replacement In Houston

Roof replacements may seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes, but they are necessary for the safety of your home’s structure and your family. Please contact us so we can schedule a free roof inspection in which we will be able to assess your roof damage and offer our professional advice on how to go about your roof replacement. We look forward to giving you a brand new roof that will keep your home and your loved ones safe.

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