How Rain May Damage Your Houston Roof

Now that we’ve welcomed April, we are also welcoming showers. You know the saying, right? April Showers Bring May Flowers. But before the flowers come, the rain will start falling, which can quickly turn to heavier storms here in Houston. Because of this, excessive rain can very easily damage your roof. Here’s how your roof may become damaged by rainwater and how Amstill Roofing can help. 

Weakened Shingles

If your roof shingles have fallen victim to serious storms, such as hail storms and hurricane season, and you haven’t replaced them, then chances are they are very weak. Their weakness is apparent in run-down shingle granules, as well as through buckling. Buckled shingles are those that seem to be sunken down in the center. Too many buckled shingles will often cause large dips in your roof where water may settle, and this long-term exposure to water softens them, meaning they will no longer effectively protect your roof.

Cracked Shingles

Once the shingles soften due to their weakened state, they may crack from winds that toss debris, such as tree branches or garden decor, onto the roof. Additionally, now that it is hail season, hailstones are all the more likely to pierce and chip your roof, creating cracks and holes. Remember, hail only needs to be the size of a quarter to inflict damage upon your roof and gutters, and the damage is more severe if your roof is already in poor condition.

Roof Leaks

As a result of weak shingles and holes, rainwater will much more easily find a way inside your home. Although you will likely not spot a leak right away, it will slowly build up inside your attic and the walls before it finds an opening, such as through a light fixture. Left unaddressed, this can become costly.

How Our Houston Roofing Company Can Fix Your Roof if it’s Been Damaged by Rain

Because we know how easy it is for roofs to experience rain damage this season, we are ready to complete any roofing services. Before that, though, we must complete a free roof inspection to see if you should get a roof repair or a roof replacement. This will depend on just how damaged your roof is and how much longer we predict it will stay intact. The good news, though, is that regardless of which option you end up going with, we offer helpful financing and complete most of our jobs within a single day. Please contact our Houston roofers so we can help protect your roof from rain damage.

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