How Often Do You Need Sugar Land Roof Repairs

Barring any obvious sign of sugar land roof damage, homeowners wonder how often their roofing systems need repairs. There is no one answer as to the number of repairs roofs need per year but we can look to industry standards that apply to any competent Houston roofing company. The National Roofing Contractor Association suggests that roofing systems be inspected twice every year, once during the spring and again during the fall. In this article, our Houston roof experts will discuss how often Sugar Land roof repairs should be undertaken as well as give tips on ensuring that maintenance costs are kept at a minimum.

Common Signs Indicating Need for Sugar Land Roof Repairs

Sugar Land Roof damage can easily be assessed by our Houston roof experts. Seeing these signs may be indicative of the need for sugar land roof repairs. The most common signs are:

  •   Curling, warping, peeling, and missing shingles caused by extreme temperatures and heavy winds
  •   Tilted chimney and damage to the chimney flashing caused by strong winds
  •   Roof Leaks caused by strong impacts on the roof
  •   Sagging roof or Roof Rot caused by excessive moisture absorption or retention
  •   Presence of moss, mold, or algae caused also by moisture build-up

Regular Inspections to Keep Sugar Land Roof Damage at Bay

As mentioned above, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that roof inspections are conducted twice a year, one in the Spring and the other during Fall. This is to ensure that the integrity of your roof remains intact after being subjected to the extreme temperatures and weather of summers and winters.

Immediate Sugar Land Roof Repairs 

Aside from your regular preventive roof inspection, other extreme weather events such as hail storms or strong hurricanes can cause sugar land roof damage and may require an inspection from a Houston roofing company.

Regular Wear and Tear

The average lifespan of a roof is about 20 years. This life span can vary depending on the weather conditions a roof is subjected to, the materials used for construction, and the quality of the installation process. To prolong this life span it is necessary to detect sugar land roof damage while they can still be easily repaired. Roof damage will deteriorate over time and if left unattended may necessitate a roof replacement.  

Our Houston Roofing Company Can Assess for Free if Your Sugar Land Roof Needs Repair

Oftentimes, homemakers procrastinate on addressing Sugar Land Roof Damage until it is too late. However, this will prove costly in the long run. A well-serviced roofing system maintained by a trusted Houston roofing company such as Amstill Roofing is more cost-efficient, reliable, and less stressful. Call us now and schedule your free inspection!

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