How Much Does Sienna Plantation Roof Replacement Cost

Are you a homeowner residing in Sienna Plantation, Texas? As we prepare for stormy weather–especially as we near hurricane season–you may be wondering if it’s time to get a roof replacement and, if so, how much will it really cost. In this blog, we will discuss the cost of Sienna roof replacement and what different factors may affect how much you pay for a brand new roof.

Sienna Plantation Roof Replacement Cost

A new roof is a major investment, and although there is some variation associated with the price, the national average price for a roof replacement is approximately $5,300. Depending on various factors, you may expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $18,000–which amounts to roughly $240 to $340 per square foot.

What Factors Determine The Cost Of Houston Roof Replacement?

In addition to the general labor costs required in order to get a Sienna, Texas roof replacement, the following will also be considered:

Roofing Materials

3-tab roofing shingles are a common type of roofing material in Houston, but as they are economical, they don’t boast long-term protection. If you want a roof that’s built to last, we encourage you to consider installing heavier, longer-lasting roof shingles, such as laminate or architectural roof shingles. Keep in mind that better roof shingles are more expensive, but for good reason. 

The Square Footage Of Your Roof Affects The Cost Of Roof Replacement

Some homeowners believe that their roof’s square footage is the same as the rest of the house, but this isn’t necessarily the case. When we go to your house for a free roof inspection and to offer a free quote, we will calculate the area of your roof for you. This will give you a more specific answer as to how much your Sienna roof replacement will cost.

Roof Pitch

Your roof’s pitch–whether it’s flat, slightly elevated, or very steep–will also be factored into the final cost of your roof replacement, as it affects the area. A steeper roof means a greater surface area, so determining the right surface area is crucial in order for us to bring the necessary amount of materials to your home and adequately protect it.

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If you think it’s time for a Sienna Plantation roof replacement, then please contact us so we can provide a free inspection and quote. We will also discuss our roof financing options or help you obtain some coverage from your homeowner’s insurance. We look forward to protecting you and your home.

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